Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More Parcels!!

HOLA! I am back from koala land! Or should I say, RAINVILLE! It rained SO much on Monday!! I think my shoes are probably still not 100% dry!

We had a great time and I will post photos this week. I am more excited about what was waiting on my doorstep at midnight when I arrived home!

This baby was an unexpected treat!! I LOVE mail and parcels in particular!! (Who doesn't, right!?). It was from my lovely lovely Mum. Here's what she sent me:
I'd been looking at gilets in Sydney!!!
Can you see what's on this dress?? That's right - FLAMINGOS!!!

Belated Easter chocs and some other choc goodies..apparently there was a blue egg to match the yellow smarties egg....but my niece ate it!! haha!
My FAVOURITE crisps EVER - which you can't get here in NZ :D
Lush earrings and some woollen winter booties in my fav colour coral, knitted by an elderly family friend :)
What a wonderful surprise :D
Today I also received my hair accessory swap parcel from Tiffany in the USA - it took under a week to arrive, wow! Here are the fab items she made me:

Cute wrappings :)
I love this headband and it is totally something I will wear! It came unstuck in the post so I will have to mend it first.
Lovely clips, I'm particularly excited about the comb as I recently saw one in a magazine and thought I'd like to try this look!

A great swap! Here's a little peek at what I sent her - you can see we both thought quite alike!!!

Three hair clips. Do you know how hard it is to find hair clip bases in NZ?! Impossible :(
A yo you hairband. The first yo yos I EVER made. I am now addicted to them!!
Close up of the hairband. I've already made all of the yo yos for an identical one for myself. The most exciting part of this swap was the re-discovery of a box full of vintage fabrics my mum had given me before I moved to NZ!! These fabrics were all Mum's :)
Close up of the back of the flower.

So the postman has been busy with me lately! I am currently participating in a NEW swap - a chocolate swap with Gem from Cupcake Crazy Gem. If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely check out her blog for some drool inducing inspiration!

I am planning on doing a tutorial for some of the items I made above. If you have a preference of which one you would prefer first, let me know :)

Have a great day! XOXO


  1. The package your mum sent is amazing! You lucky thing! :)
    I hope you enjoyed Sydney despite the weather - what did you get up to?



  2. love the hairband!

    When Geek Met Chic

  3. I love getting packages in the mail! I get so excited!
    Great items!

  4. That's a great swap! I love everything and that headband is stunning!

  5. That is awesome. Love getting parcels in the mail!! What FABULOUS things your mom sent you. Love the flamingo dress.
    The swap brought AMAZING things. Lucky you! :)
    I was thinking that we could have a swap, was thinking of a supply swap. You know like lace, fabric, beads, charms and that kind of thing.
    Let me know what you think by either comment on my blog or email? My email address is brontereader76@yahoo.com.

  6. Love your parcel treats :) I do love parcels but it is usually things I have sent for lol can't wait for some tutorials!

  7. Unexpected parcels (even the expected ones!) are THE BEST. And it certainly looks like you scored big with this one....thanks Ma!! Also, lovely clippies and swaps!
    ps. I apologize on behalf of AU and ALL the rain!!!

  8. WOW! I love that Gilet - I am very jealous! xx

  9. I've just found your lovely blog :)

    I loved the headband with pearls.. it is amazing ehhe :)

    Kiss from portugal,

  10. Yay for getting mail! I like the vest and dress your mom sent you. The hair accessories are so cute! Isn't swapping addictive?

  11. Your mom has great taste-lindt truffles, cute vest and adorable dress!

  12. love the vest and the dress is adorable! love the hair accessory so cute can't wait to see them on you!


  13. wow your parents are amazing ~ such lovely presents and i love surprise parcels.

    the craft swaps from both sides are beautiful too...and guess what?? now that i have FINISHED UNI i am going to join the craft swap thingamygic because it looks so darn exciting and fun.

    re the cupcake swap ~ er yum! but will they travel ok?


  14. your mom has good taste, can't wait to see what your wear the vest with!

  15. Moms are simply the best! Very cool fur vest and hope you enjoy your 3 day wknd in NZ.. wish I was there so I could get another 3 day wknd~ Have fun! :D

  16. WOW!!! What a treat! And your mom is the sweetest! It's so much fun to receive parcels, especially when they are filled with goodies like this. I especially love that adorable dress with the flamingos on it- I bet u can't wait to wear it!

    I'm so glad to hear you've gotten the lippy! :D Illamasqua is heavenly... I've recently also been using another one of their lipsticks called "Over," which is a similar color but a teensy bit darker (I feel like a lipstick pusher lol). It's definitely my new fave line. There are so many colors to love- light pink, lavender, and even orange... So many gorgeous shades in that line. I really can't believe that I've only just recently tested them out- I was really missing out on something good! xxx

  17. I just love getting parcels in the mail, and both of these looks so exciting! The flamingo dress is too cute, I can't wait to see you wear it. And those chocolates... I was drooling just looking at the photo :)

  18. haha, you received a lot of packages!! i loove them too, it's always like having birthday ;) i specially like the fur leopard vest - you look great in it!


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