Sunday, 22 May 2011

What I wore: a bit of a Monday mix

Hello there! How was everyone's weekend??
Well, the Jimmy Saville mask / cigar / medal went down a treat on Friday night, but very few Kiwis actually knew who he was..they just thought I was wandering around with a random old dude's face! Haha.
I went for a lovely 'tramp' yesterday afternoon (that's a hike for those not up with tramping lingo!). Luckily my friends and I are all at the same fitness level so we all managed the same pace. It was a beautiful day and there were stunning views.

This morning I woke up at 6am absolutely parched! This never happens to me, and I am NEVER up earlier than 8.20am in the mornings! So apart from being very tired right now, I also had a little extra time to work on my outfit AND get pics done before work! 

Here's what I'm wearing today:
Skirt, Primark; Tights, M&S; Shoes, Velvet Bee at TK Maxx; Vest, Primark; Denim Shirt, Fornarina; Wool gilet, Sussan.

Necklace - received from Pam through a craft swap :)
Ring, gift; beaded bracelet, gift; rope bracelets I made myself; Nail varnish Russian Navy by OPI.
Bag, TK Maxx.
Velvet Bee at TK Maxx
I love these shoes!! My Mum sent me them all the way from the UK as a surprise!! <3

I mentioned recently that I'm planning on having guest bloggers here on What Sadie Did. Well I am EXCITED to announce that TOMORROW I will be publishing the first guest post!! 
Who will it be!?!?
Well be sure to check back tomorrow to find out! 
If you would like to be a guest blogger, please let me know :)

Hope you all have a happy Monday!!


  1. What an awesome view you had during your hike. Love the outfit. The necklace you got through the swap is ADORABLE!!

  2. cute skirt and necklace. i think i am going to copy this look later.. the way you pair denim shirt and vest together is such a great idea :)

  3. great photos that really is a wonderful view! and such a great outfit love the vest over the denim shirt and the skirt is adorable thank you so much for your comment definitely helped to make me feel better!

  4. Those shoes are adorable, and I love your floral skirt. I'm not much of a hiker, but the views in your photos look so stunning, I might just be inspired- at least if I was living somewhere so lovely :)

  5. Lovely necklace Sadie! I really love it!

    Let me know if you want any more friends to go tramping with - I am always happy to head off on a hike :D As long as its not too strenuous!

  6. oh i love hiking - the scenery looks so beautiful there!!
    i love the skirt from the outfit today :) and the craft swap necklace is gorgeous - i really must sign up to this!!


  7. The mask/sign thingy is so funny! I hope you took it with you everywhere ALL day. :)
    Cute outfit as well.

  8. loving your floral necklace!

  9. Hello lovely girl :)
    You look so pretty in these pictures! I love what you're wearing!
    That woolen gilet is just adorable!
    So excuse me if I missed something but couldn't figure out where you're from! Lol. NZ? Melbourne? UK? Please fill me in!
    Love how you're doing guest blogger posts too - I'd be interested to guest blog on yours and vice versa if you're keen one day! :)
    Wanna follow each other on GFC?
    Thanks for visitng my blog too, you're a doll!
    Hope you're having a great day!



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