Thursday, 5 May 2011

A mixture of OPI and Nail Rock

Hello folks! Well this week has been ridiculous. It's Friday morning and I seriously don't know where the week has gone!  Work has been non-stop (which is very unusual for me) and I don't even know where my evenings went. I have been behind on blog love and comments, so it's been a week of catch-up. I love reading everyone's blogs and so have been trying to keep up to date with them rather than sitting and posting my own. Hope that's okay :D

Yesterday I took some time out to sit down and experiment with my OPI black shatter. I hadn't been too impressed with the 'cracks' I'd been getting so had a little nosey on some other blogs for advice. Basically, it seems to be that the thicker the layer of crackle you apply, the thicker the cracks. After a good mess around, here's what I ended up with...

A bit messy, but getting there!
The ring IS big, but I also have the tiniest hands! I've actually never met anyone with teenier hands than me!!!
Well, while I was poking around on ASOS (again) this morning, I came across these little babies:
Pony Skin White Black and Pink
They're in the clearance section, and with free P&P I am thinking of trying them out - the shades I am going to buy are the pink pony skin (shown above) - a bit mad, by I'll give them a go - and the metallic red style, as I thought they would be cool for autumn here in NZ.
Metallic Red - nice huh?
BUT I am a bit wary of messing them up! Has anyone tried Minx nails or these Nail Rock nails?!? Any tips??

I'm also looking at watches on ASOS - I have a thing for watches but come and go with wearing them (to me, bangles trump watches usually!). This is the watch I'm wearing today:

It's a charm watch by Guess that I bought many years ago (when I was 21 and living in Las Palmas in fact!), but I still kinda love it. I will show you my fav watches on ASOS tomorrow, so as not to bombard you with info today. :D

I attended a craft swap on Weds and received an AWESOME present, but will wait to do a bigger crafty post when my swaps arrive to Jaclyn and AJ. (Don't want to spoil their surprises!).

Tonight I'm going to a gallery launch and I'm really looking forward to I work for a design college within a university, there's always these sorts of things going on, and some of them are great, but others are snoozeville. This one promises to be saucy and boozy, so I will let you know how it goes! 
How have your weeks been? I love hearing from you all :D
Much love XOXO


  1. I've bought a lot off ASOS's make-up clearance recently, got some Soap and Glory at almost half price so I was well chuffed! :) xxx

  2. here it's still thursday and i really wish it was friday afternoon already! love the nails i think they came out really nice love the color and love the watch your wearing it is so cute! have fun at your gallery lunch bet you'll look great!

  3. We have had way too much rain and flooding here. Between that and the CONSTANT doctor's appointments with my mom and dad, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. But I am trying to keep positive and upbeat.
    Love your watch. It is so cute! The ring is fabulous! Hope you have fun at the Gallery Launch.
    BTW, I am really getting excited with the anticipation to see what you sent.

  4. the metallic red is beautiful, always wanted to try that shatter polish :)

  5. This week is an odd one for me...two days of meetings instead of being in the classroom teaching. It KINDA feels like the weekend, but it isn't.
    I SO wish we got Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips in Canada right now. I bought some inique nails (made of vinyl) and I like them. I do wish they were a bit thinner, though as the vinyl is a wee bit thick. As for your micro-hands, I have the opposite issue--HUGE HANDS (and wrists, or as my sister pointed out, I don't really HAVE "wrists," rather, my hand just are attached to my arms, like those of a baby). I don't mind, except when bracelets and rings don't fit.
    I'm hella excited to get my swap goodies and for you to get yours as well!

  6. I love the nails!

  7. I love your bracelets! And the photo of the red polish with the apple is so nice :)

  8. So fun!
    xo Cara

  9. I think the nail polish looks really cute and I have tiny hands too but I still love wearing huge rings!

  10. omg! i love your watch and bracelets combo so much. and the sally hansen salon effects are a lot like the nail rocks. you can find them at your grocery store i'm sure. and yeah, in order for the crackle to really crackly you have to apply a thick coat just like you would regular polish. it took me a while to learn too. <3

  11. I haven't tried Minx nails yet, but I'm so intrigued by the idea of them. Those metallic red ones from Asos look so impressive, I can't believe how similar the shade is to the colour of the apple! Might be time for me to place an order :) Hope your weekend is more relaxing than your week has been.

  12. missed your blogging this week! i love the nail polish. I also love the lipstick in the pic of the apple - i would be so scared of smudging it and it going all over my face though!

  13. ooh I'll have to give this nail polish a try, very cool!

  14. Great pics, love the metallic nailpolish.
    (tu español es muy bueno, no tuviste ni un fallo)gracias, un beso.

  15. I bought some Black Shatter on Friday. I think it will take a bit of practice to get it right, but I found that the best cracks did form when I got a lot of it onto the brush and just ran over the nail once. I've only tried it with a red, so I'll have to give it a go with a few other colors soon.

  16. Love your nails! Looks great!
    I want those metallic red nails they are amazing.

  17. I received the swap package today. OMG, such cuteness! Love everything you sent!! Thanks so much. I wrote about it in my blog. :)

  18. UPDATE:I now no longer where my Guess charm watch with the Tiffany charm bracelet. Although I loved the look, it has banged together TOO many times and THREE of the Swarovski crystals have fallen out of the watch now :''(

    Sad face :(

  19. I really want to try Nail Rocks! xx


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