Monday, 9 May 2011

A windy walk and some changes

Wow! Has anyone else been having trouble posting a new blog? I haven't been able to get the editor to work all day, but it seems to be okay again now *fingers crossed*. So here goes!

I have loved reading all of your opinions on the watch debate, thanks! I am still undecided but am going to MELBOURNE this weekend (YAY!) and I hear that the shopping there is fantastic (plus there'll be duty free!) so I am gonna keep my eye open for my potential new watch!
On the subject of Melbourne - how excited am I!?!? I have always wanted to visit Melbourne since moving to's the one city that seems to have a unanimously positive reputation for the arts / shopping / eating etc etc. So I am very excited about it.

Have you been to Melbourne? Do any of you have any tips? I'm spending five days there so should have time for a good explore!

So back to my post. Some rugged photos of Makara, where I had a blustery walk on Sunday afternoon. Perfect for clearing the cobwebs away!

So we'd had a lovely walk on a windy, sunny day...then I sit down. Look by my feet. And see this!!!!!
Argh!! Like I said before there's a lot of random dead stuff here in NZ!!!!!
I have also been thinking of some new things for my blog...

Numero UNO: I have been arranging some very exciting GUEST POSTS with some lovely ladies. They will be coming soon so WATCH THIS SPACE! 
Numero DOS: Tomorrow I will be posting my DIY tutorial for my Swarovski inspired bracelet. I am hoping to feature more DIYS as I love doing them.
Numero TRES: I promise (eek!) to get back to my "what I wore" posts. It's been difficult as I have been so busy and have also been going straight to the gym from work, and then getting home and before realising I need to take pics by which time I am in my joggers! Not a look I will be featuring! ;)

I think that's enough to keep me busy for now!
If you would like to guest post on my blog or share a DIY, please let me know :D

Bye for now xxx


  1. I have been having so many problems with my blog as well. Although, it seems to be working now. YAY!! Love the photos. NZ seems really beautiful, except for the random dead things... EEK! I wish I could give you tips but as I have never traveled outside the US I don't think I could help. I am looking forward to your tutorial. :)

  2. ehmmmm....what is that? No I don't want to know!
    Never been in Melbourne but I would love to go!

  3. ooh exciting! i'd love to do some sort of guest blog for you - we could do a swap for the day??!!

  4. So much to do in Melbourne - I love that place. One of my best friends live there so last time I went we mostly ate and went shopping;)

    But a few other things that are fun to do:

    1)Old Melbourne Gaol - its right in the city and its where Ned Kelly (the famous Australia outlaw/folk hero) was held and executed. I found it super interesting. But I am a history geek.

    2)Melbourne Art Centre - Beautiful Building with a lot of amazing theatre. We went and saw a modern dance show and Siguor Ros was doing the music.

    3)St Kilda - Its a lovely seaside settlement with the best gelato and you can go to Luna Park! Super Cheesy but super fun amusement park (free entry too - but you have to pay for the rides).

    Have a great time! Its such a great city - I'd love to live there:)

  5. MELBOURNE is one of my fav city!! LOVE Australia!!!

  6. So excited about your diy bracelet and your clothes post!! and thank you for your oh so wonderful comments, you are such a sweetheart!! have a fantastic day.. Hugs, Anne

  7. I'd love to someday visit Melbourne! Looks like such a great place to visit! Cant wait to see your DIY swarovski bracelet

  8. Hi!
    I found you blog through a random Google search and think your blog is quite charming!
    My mum lives in Makara, you were lucky to catch the beach on such a lovely day :)
    I thought you might like to know that the random dead thing is a possum. They're considered pests in New Zealand and their demise is encouraged as they are a disturbance to the natural ecosystem. AKA they can single handedly destroy the natural fuana and flora. It sounds barbaric, but really if you want to preserve the natural biodiversity, it isn't.
    Anyway, love your style!

  9. Such a pretty place to walk! Random dead things can be pretty creepy, though...ugh.

  10. no!! but I wanna go! great blog I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  11. very interested in your DIY tutorial coming up. and i've never been to Melbourne but i really, relaly want to go to Australia some day soon.

    and yes, the blogger meetup was great and they turned out to be good people, for real. super sweet and funny!

  12. hope you have a great time in Melbourne! I would love to go there one day too

  13. i would love to go to melbourne hope you have a great time and can't wait to see the future posts!

  14. thanks for all the sweet comments, never been to melbourne but would love to someday!!! nice pics:))

  15. AJ - glad to hear it's not just me who has been having Blogger problemos!! :)

    Teresa - thanks :D That Gaol is going on my to-do list for sure!!!

    Sylvia - I THOUGHT it was a possum...either that or a cat! :)

  16. Ooo I'm dying to visit Australia someday! It seems like the capital of vintageland (lol!) so I just have to go one of these days. I hope you have a fabulous time!

    My lippy and blush are both from Illamasqua- the lippy I think is "Obey" and the blush is "Hussey". I'm obsessed with them- in fact I've only just started using Illamasqua, and it's my new favorite brand! x

  17. Love those magical beach shots! Melbourne...+ it is duty free! Jealous! Have fun :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  18. Hey Sadie! :)

    I would totally be up for doing a tutorial or a tips-related blog. I mostly talk about makeup, so if you want it can be centered on makeup, if not, I'm versatile, I don't mind doing fashion.

    I'd love for you to be a guest blogger too. I love your personal style, so if you could do a personal style related blog post that would be great, but if you'd prefer to do something else, that works too.

    Let me know! :)


  19. Hey Sadie,

    I'm also up for doing a guest blog if you have any room left?! Let me know what sort of themes your thinking.



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