Friday, 27 May 2011

What I wore: to his graduation

Hello there! Well there was no post from me yesterday so I apologise for that! The reason is that the boyfriend graduated from his Masters of Fine Art (the little brain box completed it in record time whilst still working full time! I'm bragging here I know!). We went to his ceremony and were then both back in work that same afternoon. 

As we both work at the university, it wasn't too much of a special occasion, but it was still great to see him collect his certificate. The bf is Head of Institute, and when he crossed the stage to collect his award the whole academic staff stood to applaud him! Fantastic!
Yay, look at the applause! :)

Looking very smart!
Mini Grad
Well the weather was absolutely dire all day so I was very excited that my new GHD straighteners arrived from ASOS (in under a week!) and I tried them out on my busy, rained on hair before dinner. And OMG was I impressed with the results!! My hair had never looked that good! I also bought a new liptstick which I will show you another time!
GHD Gold Max Styler
I wore the same outfit for the graduation and for dinner at Logan Brown that evening, but switched up the jewellery, makeup and handbag.
Blouse: Glassons; Harem trousers: TK Maxx; Shoes, Shoe Connection; Clutch, TK Maxx; Bangles, Diva.

Jacket, Primark.

This outfit was quite loose and shapeless but I kinda liked it. I wore my expensive shoes (which were mentioned HERE if you're interested) and had a bit of a drama in them:

As I was leaving the graduation for a coffee with my work friends....I got my heel caught in a huge drain....couldn't get it out...the drain came up with my shoe and made a HUGE clatter....everyone stared....I panicked because I NEVER wear these shoes!....scrabbled down barefoot by the drain fearing I'd snapped the heel or at least scraped the leather off....and when I retrieved my shoe there was a teeny scratch! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!

Does this kind of thing ever happen to anyone else?!

I ended up drinking one too many cocktails and have had a VERY tired day in work whilst eating every carb I could lay my hands on! Whoops! And tonight I am packing for a weekend in Sydney. We have to be at the airport at 4am so an early night is called for!

Hope you all have a great weekend - what are your plans?



  1. Wow, your hair looks so good, and congratulations to your boyfriend!

    My plans for the weekend, hmm, Im not sure yet, I'm sure i'll think of something though!


  2. WOW...your hair looks great! Did you use any products before straightening?!

  3. Congratulations to your boyfriend. ...
    And to answer your question yes things like that always seem to happen to me. Although I am a klutz. Sydney sounds like so much fun (one of those dream vacations I wish we could take). Hope to see LOTS of pictures!! HAVE FUN!!

  4. You looked beautiful! Love those sexy with the leather ( I think its leather) on the back..perfect touch of "Bam"

    XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

  5. Wow! Your hair really does look amazing! I mean, it always looks lovely and I never considered that it might be improved, but the results from that iron are really impressive :) I've been contemplating a flat iron myself lately- maybe GHD is the way to go! As for the heels thing, it happens to everyone- I've learned to avoid walking on anything uneven, particularly drains and grates, when I have heels on. You're just safer that way :)

  6. congratulations to your bf!!! that's amazing!
    i love the way you changed the outfit up with the different accessories. have fun in sydney sweetie

  7. Don't worry about it. Things like that happen to everyone sometimes and seem to happen to me way too often! That floral top is adorable!

  8. oh no- glad to hear your shoe is okay! Great outfit and congrats to your bf : )

  9. love your harem pants and shoes. sorry to hear about that drain story. i have almost tripped in my heels before in front of people. i hate that bc it makes it seem like you don't know how to wear heels! :)

  10. You look very nice! I doubt I could pull of harem pants, but you do it well!

  11. You both look very smart, as in dressing and also brain wise.. and yes my heel has been caught in a drain grate and ruined my shoe. I am so glad that your shoe came out with minor damage. You should definitely watch, Out of Africa. Such a classic. Have a great Wednesday!! Hugs, Anne

  12. great photos and i've gotten my heel stuck and i almost die when i see a scratch on the heel! you look gorgeous as always love your hair and the lipstick and congrats to your bf that's amazing!


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