Friday, 15 April 2011

A spot of vintage shopping in Wellington

Today it rained. Bah. But I quite like rainy days sometimes. You don't have to feel guilty about wasting a day full of sunshine cuddled up at home or rummaging around shops. I met some girlfriends for brunch and we decided to have a poke around some of the vintage clothing stores in Wellington

Wellington has a growing number of shops selling vintage clothes, bags and shoes. But most of them aren't cheap and can be quite 'picked over' so you don't always get the best treasures. A lot of them are found on Cuba Street, the arty, bohemian area of town.

We made an excellent start at Recycle Boutique, which is like an eBay kinda shop - they sell your clothes for you with a commission. I spotted a pink and grey over sized blazer on the vintage rail but couldn't see a price and assumed it must be expensive as it was such a beauty and was still on the rail (it was a Saturday afternoon and the shop was rammed so I thought someone would have snapped it up if it was affordable).

After I walked past it again, I had another look and noticed the tag was on the back - it was $30 but had a red dot on it. Red dots = half price!!! WOW! I swiftly made my way to the changing rooms!

So the blazer was $15!! I am already excited about wearing this to work on Monday!

Then we went on to a couple of cute independent shops before visiting the Fringe Market. Here I bought a silk scarf and two lace doilies for $5. I received a great craft book for my birthday and one of the projects I'm keen to do in there involves a LOT of doilies. So here is the first of my collection - it may take me some time as so far it's taken me two months to hunt out those!

The scarf is for another online craft swap
We also checked out Paperbag Princess where everything is under $20 (I've never found anything worth buying in here though).

The last shop we visited was Missy's Room. This is an amazing shop for vintage dresses galore! I sneakily took a few snaps as I wasn't sure if I was allowed, so couldn't get pics of all of the fabulous things in there!
Trinkets, scarves and bags

I love the patterns in vintage clothing!

This blouse was lovely :)
My poor wet tootsies!!
I found myself another pinstriped jacket. Yes I'm a fan of them!
Looks terrible with this outfit but it has potential no!?

I'm a nautical fan!  
This blazer / shirt (I'm not sure what it's classed as!) was $32, so not as cheap as the first one but still pretty good!

PS You may notice I've dyed my hair a darker brown! I'm quite liking it - though it was damp and rain-poufed today! ;)


  1. I love going to different little shops. So much fun.
    Great post.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  2. i love your hair that colour. love vintage shopping too...can't believe you got that jacket for $15!!!

  3. I need to vintage shop more, thanks for the tag!

  4. a $15 blazer? that's awesome. looks like a lot of great finds that day.

  5. I wish we had more vintage shops around me. Love the finds. Super cute!

  6. the darker color looks great on you and love the jackets you bought especially the first one so cute!

    giveaway on my blog!

  7. I like your Style Sadie!!!


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