Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I wore: Crab Racing

Hello there! Yes, you read correctly! One evening in Mana Island they organised a crab race! There were ten crabs, each with a number painted on its shell. First there was an auction for people to buy a crab - they were all named after a country and a famous person from that country - Dan Carter from New Zealand, Jackie Chan from China, Johnny Wilkinson from England etc etc...

The bf had taken $70 FJD to the crab racing, and I thought that would be MORE than enough for a bit of fun. But NO! We were outbid on every single crab! The most expensive crab was over $100!!

When bidding was finished, they placed all the crabs in the middle of a chalk circle, and the first three crabs to cross the chalk line were the winners. First prize was $370!!!!!!!! Who'd have thought there'd be so much money in racing crabs?!

Introducing the crabs!

Placing one in the middle
A crab making a run for it!
Top, Temt; Trousers, Matalan; Sandals, Primark; Clutch, Body Shop
Shell bracelets, Greece.
White ring, Lanzarote; Necklace, altered from one bought at Diva; Earrings, Shh By Sadie

 And when we got back to the apartment we found this tiny guy waiting for us!


  1. We went to a crab race when we were in the Maldives...it's serious stuff!!!
    Love the photo of you in the hammock, you look so chilled. Gorgeous top BTW xoxo

  2. Ohh man girl you have way too much fun!! I have never heard of this but I am intrigued! You look georg!

  3. I can't believe this! A crab race? OMG! That' s so funny! You look FABULOUS with that gorgeous top! And say hello to your new friend in the door!

  4. Yah! Such fun! You look great and I love the little "friend" that was waiting for your back at your room:D

  5. So random! Which crab won? Hope it was NZ :P Love the top hun and those pants look super comfy xx p.s. cute lizard thingy!

  6. Wow, I didn't even know that crabs could race - don't they move sideways? :P I can't believe how expensive it is to bid either! Your outfit is gorgeous btw, I love your top :).



  7. Crab racing? I am surprised by the lucrative opportunities it offers...

  8. Crab racing?! Wow, I didn't even know that existed, it sounds fun! (Especially with the prizes involved muhah)


  9. Crab race? haha that's funny...Love your outfit!


  10. great photos would have never thought about crab racing! cute outfit love the top!


  11. Haha, crab racing looks like fun - I hope the crabs weren't harmed though!
    Love the top you have on, Sadie. Leopard print is one of my faves!



  12. Crab racing? That's amazing and hilarious! I would never have guessed that so much money would be involved! I also wouldn't have had any idea how to dress for something like that, but I think you did really well. Love your leopard top!

  13. That looks like a fun and very unique night out. BTW, love the earrings!!
    I have missed your adventures in NZ. I am glad to say I will be back to the blogging world very soon! HUGS

  14. Love your dress and pics!
    I just found your blog and I am now following you please check out mine?


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