Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Keeping Active!

Hi all, thanks for all of your kind comments yesterday - the sad news I've had is that my Grancha is in hospital in Wales. He had three heart attacks last week and it's been up and down with his recovery, so it's been difficult being so far away from home. I am praying that he hangs on until I go back to Wales in November :)

So now that we are in spring here in NZ, the bf and I have been trying to get out and about a bit more! We've recently started playing badminton (something which I haven't done for over three years!).

NB: that  is not me, just a girl who played on our court previously!

Yes, looking LESS than glamorous here, but I had just finished a LONG day at work! ;)
The best use I could find for the raquets!! hahaha
 We played again last night, and despite being hit on the head twice and the nose once, apparently I am improving!

On Sunday we went clay pigeon shooting!! I have wanted to do this for AGES! We each had ten shots, and I actually managed to shoot TWO clay pigeons! Whoop!
Gorgeous day for it!

The bf with the rifle

He did well and hit quite a lot of his clays
Me "Erm this gun is actually really heavy!"

The guy was really nice and gave me tips

Did I get it?!
 We also had a go at the pistol target practice. This was less fun!
I'd hit the leaves of the trees in the forest!
Trying again...

My sheet
The bf's sheet. He had a bullseye (which he enjoyed showing off about!)
 We had a couple of goes at the archery, but it really hurt my fingertips and chipped SEVERAL nails (I know!) so I had enough of that, thanks very much!

Have you ever been clay pigeon shooting?! What are your hobbies?


  1. You are so cute!! Shooting looks like fun! I have never been. I love all outdoor activities though! I am a big snowboarder and cant wait for winter!

  2. What a great day out! Never tried Clay Pigeon Shooting, but I know when my friends did they came back with bruises on the arm from the gun!!!! Sorry to hear about your Grandpa - keeping evrything crossed for you xoxo

  3. seems like such a great time! i want to try some of those things! so sad to hear about the news but hopefully everything turns out well!


  4. You look like you've had so much fun doing all these different activities!
    I have only done two out of the three - badminton and archery!
    I don't think I ever want to fire a gun - loud noises scare me (even balloons that pop!).

    I like to go for walks and play computer games with the BF (yes, I'm a nerd!) - as well as the usual things like shopping, the beach, etc!



  5. Wow! You two are Miss and Mr Active!! Makes me feel like I need to get out and about more!

    Very sorry to hear you've had sad news from home - I hope all goes well.


  6. looks like you had a great time! I haven't done archery since I was a kid when I had to go to Cub camp!! :P

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  7. So sorry to hear about your bad news hun :( Looks like fun! Ive been to an indoor pistol range - LOUD! lol I did archery on a high school camp but really cant remember, would be good to check out a few of these things again! x

  8. I'm sorry about your grandfather--hopefully his recovery improves.

    I have never done any type of shooting...I would likely such at it. Archery was done in high school (down in our dungeon basement) and I liked it b/c I didn't get all sweaty in the middle of the day. Me=need a shower after exercise!

    I love yoga, running, swimming, and snowshoeing!

  9. oh gosh i'm so sorry about your grandad. sending thoughts, love and hugs.

    i haven't ever done any shooting, sounds adventurous!

  10. Great pictures! And the best energies for him!


  11. wow, you and your boyfriend are really active! i love that about spring, it always makes you go outdside and play all kinds of sports :) And I really hope that your Grancha gets better soon :( Keep us updated!


    Fashion Fractions

  12. Lovely post! It's nice that you spend so much time outside. Some of my hobbies, hmm... I really enjoy reading & writing, playing piano (not too well, haha!), drawing. :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  13. Seems like you're going through what I am going through with your relative! Hope all goes well dear!

    And no! I've never done that! Seems fun.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  14. Best wishes to you and your family, hope your grandad gets better soon.


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