Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Do you YouTube?

Hi all, have you ever watched tutorials and fashion posts on YouTube? I recently came across them and actually have really enjoyed some of them!

I find it so strange watching someone talk about their shopping or makeup, but I guess it's just another way of doing exactly what I do here!

One of my favourites recently is LoveStyleBeauty...I think she's gorgeous! And I really like her dress sense, makeup AND her hair. Plus she seems genuinely sweet.

What do you think about vlogs?


  1. I have seen vlogs around for ages, but never thought I could do them (I don't think I'd be good on camera?)! Lol.
    Very interesting and also informing (most of them, anyway) though so I don't mind a few tutorials now and then! We can always learn something!


  2. I don't watch vlogs...I just never think to look on youtube for em.

    I hope you are enjoying your vac-cay!

    --Jaclyn T

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  3. Hmm I love makeup tutorials and craft tutorials, as far as style goes like outfits of the day, I'd rather see a picture. But I love watching hauls of stuff people bought.

  4. Love watching them, not sure I'd want to make them as I'm camera shy as it is!!

  5. Ive never though to look at stuff like that.....cant really either as the plan we are on is only 19gigs and that has ran out the last two months without me using youtube lol

  6. I LOVE tutorials on YouTube, its like the god saviour of many design problems, it's how I re-learnt how to knit and newly learn sewing techniques.
    I do think that talking about shopping or make-up slightly strange though, mostly because I like to see pictures of these things more than a video.


  7. i definitely enjoy some tutorials it's just easier to see the person making or presenting what their doing! great post!

  8. vlogs are so much fun but I don't think I would have guts to do it... photos are much easier :)

    Have a great weekend!


    Fashion Fractions

  9. I am thinking of doing tutorials on youtube eventually but I hate being on video and listening to myself uhh

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  10. I love being on youtube. You can find answers to anything! Someone somewhere made a video of what you need to know abotu! haha

    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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