Sunday, 11 September 2011

Holiday accessories!

Hi all, as you probably know, I'm on holiday at the moment. However I took a few snaps of the jewellery I was taking before I left.

Here goes....
My rings - lots of big, bright finger candy!
LR: (Top) All Shh By Sadie
(Middle) Primark, Topshop, Topshop, Shh By Sadie, Diva
(Bottom) Silver toe rings both gifts :)

They get wrapped up in this cute jewellery wrap my sister Alice bought me

Wrist wear - a lot of it!! Too many to caption sorry!

They get tucked up in this handy bag!
Just a couple of headbands..

Necklaces (1). (Top) A DIY I hope to make a tutorial for, Diva
(Bottom) Primark, all three Shh By Sadie

Necklaces (2): Gift from my sister Beth, Diva, Primark

Necklaces (3): I made (view DIY here), Wooden necklace, Asda; Teacup necklace, gift from my friend Sarah :)

H&M in Berlin
I made :)

How sick are these bad boys!!!!!

Little travel tip - I take my earrings in money bags to stop them tangling! It doesn't look glam but it does a great job!
And so all of that bling fits in these two bags!
I have a large collection of sunnies, but I narrowed it down to just four pairs... 

Top: Replay, Ralph Lauren
Bottom: Glassons, gift from the bf

So you can see I don't travel light! I figure that I have all of these things, so why miss an opportunity to use them!? :)

What sorts of things do you take on holidays?


  1. OMG wow you take so much with you lol. I am loving all of the bracelets you have amazing taste. how are your holidays by the way?
    XX Ilana

  2. LOL - I can't believe how much you are taking with you!! So much gorgeous and colourful jewellery!


  3. These are wonderful, I love lots of jewellery. Usually I take millions of clothes on holiday, even if I've not worn it in years simply because 'I might want to wear it whilst I'm away'!


  4. Hahaha that is a lot of accessories! Yes, I am jealous and love it all..

    Hugs! ~Angel

  5. I really should start wearing more jewelry! Love the star fish ring and the owl jewelry wrap is so cute :) glad I don't have to carry your luggage on this holiday though :P

  6. wow i can't even pick a favorite really love everything so gorgeous!

  7. You really have amazing pieces in there young lady...Love them all.

  8. Wow thats ALOT of jewellery lol i'd take not even half that amount probably...well I'll find out in November when I go on holiday :P Least you'll be looking styley ;) x

  9. I loved seeing this post, it made me feel like I'm not crazy for packing soooo much jewelry when I travel! You really do have a phenomenal collection of accessories, they deserve to be worn! I love your giraffe bracelet especially.

  10. You have the best collection!!!! Love it alll!!!

  11. I love the shh by sadie ring you made in the middle row of the first picture
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  12. Sadie i simply love your collection of accessories!!

    great post, loved looking through all of your pictures !


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