Sunday, 25 September 2011

Days Three, Four and Five in Feejee

Hi all, how was your weekend? It's been rugby world cup madness here and I have even joined in by buying a Welsh flag for our car! And I don't even care about rugby! I just had to do it!

So back to Fiji!
The boyfriend's first dive. I sat and sunbathed (well, in the shade!) while he went for a beach dive.
My sister Beth bought me my flamingo top!

Nice view huh!

Have you ever read this book? I have a few pages left (it was a 1000 page book!) but it's AMAZING.

I bought this hat and kaftan for my holiday to the same island last year. I carried the hat BY HAND all the way from the UK to NZ so that it didn't get squashed. And it had only cost ONE POUND in the sale in Primark!!
Kaftan, Matalan; Hat, Primark; Flip flops, Haviana (gift from bf); Bag, Primark; Sunnies, Replay.

The bf won a whole$10 FJD playing happy hour bingo!! WHOOP! ;)
The bingo lady was sooo funny. I loved 5pm bingo time!

Shh by Sadie Jewellery ;)

Dress, Cotton On.

Bag, The Body Shop (GWP); Primark Starfish ring; Bangles, Primark and New York; Ring, Lanzarote; Shoes, Hannahs.

What is your favourite holiday read?


  1. So cute how you wear your jewellery on holidays too! I love it! :)
    These photos make me want to go on a tropical vacation now, to Bali!


  2. Love your necklace and all your vacation digs! You're so pretty. I'm not being creepy I swear.

  3. I am so in love with your necklace! I am totally lusting over it! And the fiji mst be a great place! i've never been there!

  4. I really like that pink necklace, it's so cute and such a pretty colour. The beach looks absolutely wonderful, so blue and clear. I'm getting into the rugby too, I even get up at 7am at the weekends to watch the games :P!


  5. Gorgeous photo's Sadie. I would have to recommend a book I've just finished reading called One Day by David Nicholls - they've bought out the film, but it's not a patch on the book xoxo

  6. Like yourr jewelry. They are so nice.

  7. Gorgeous pics, your making me wish my holiday wasnt over a month away lol x

  8. great photos looks so beautiful there! love the maxi dress so pretty!

  9. You put a flag on the car? That is awesome.. Haha you are bad! Your pictures are tempting me to save money and go to Fiji.. Is it expensive??

    Love! ~Angel

  10. Great pictures and what a beautiful dress!!!

  11. You are too beautiful for words.. I Know you had such a blast. such a beautiful place..

  12. these pics are great! i don't think i've ever read 1,000 page book so good for you.

    your jewelry and shoes look great by the way!

  13. wow it's so beautiful there i can't get over it. shh by sadie seems to be doing really well! x

  14. Soooo beautiful ! I feel desperate of going to a beach and just lie in the sun now :)

  15. Fiji looks amazing! I love that dress! haha yay for rugby. I had roommates in college who played!
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