Thursday, 15 March 2012

What I won! Shoes shoes shoes!

Hi all - TGIF! This week seems to have flown by and all of a sudden it's Friday and I haven't posted since....umm I don't remember, maybe Monday?! Tut tut.

So I have some exciting news to share - I WON SHOES! And not just one pair, but TWO PAIRS! Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@sadiesadiesadie BTW), will think this is old news, haha. But yes, two Fridays in a row I won fabulous shoes.

Here's pair one:
Brand: Kandee. I was VERY excited to win Kandee shoes as I have drooled over them for a year! If you haven't heard of Kandee shoes - check out their website. But BEWARE, it's way too tempting to buy a pair (or two!!).

How I won them: By Tweeting like, 350 times! Yes, seriously! Luckily I can multitask (or should I say, multi-Tweet?!) and I did it whilst working over about three hours. And Mr Kandee chose the winner - ME! YAY. They arrived a week later and are utterly fabulous and came with a gorgeous dust bag, a small packet of popping candy and a fab business card holder. YAY. 

Down side: They are too BIG :( They are my size (37) but way too big. I asked to exchange them but rather unhelpfully they said I was too far away and to try an insole!I'm not keen on the idea of an insole with a peep toe?! So I think I will have to put them on eBay :( So sad.

And here's pair two:
Brand: Jeffrey Campbell from Shoe Connection

How I won them: By uploading a crazy shoe photo and poem to the Shoe Connection Facebook page (yes both pairs were won via social media!). I could choose which colour / print I wanted from the store and originally decided to go for the cat print ones (below) which were AMAZE but looked majorly clumpy on the ends of my (clumpy) little legs. So classic black it was!
You can see why I wanted these ones, right?!
Down side: None, except the fact that Wellington has been gloriously sunny since I won them and so I haven't had a chance to wear them yet... :)
So there's my news! What's the most exciting thing you ever won? :)


  1. Wow you are certainly one lucky girl Sadie!!! I have been stuck without the net for two weeks (as you know) and I sooooooooooooooo would have entered the shoe connection comp if I could :( At least you can wear the Litas and make some money off the other ones that are too big ;) xx

  2. amazing you lucky girl can't wait to see you wear the litas! I have always wanted some but don't think they would suit me
    I have never won anything lol!
    Xx Ilana

  3. omg. I was drooling over those shoes and I wished I had them too. You are very lucky. I like the second pair of shoes so much


  4. Well done you - those shoes are fab! I would land flat on my face if I wore them, as me and heels don't mix:P

  5. Wow! I'm so pleased you won Sadie & the shoes are great, can't wait to see you rockin them!
    Have a great weekend xoxo

  6. Wow! Congrats!! I don't think I've ever won anything!! Actually, I tell a lie... I won a gladiator poster when I was about 9! Lol xx

  7. Oh wow! Congrats on your win girlie! Those shoes are fabulous!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  8. I am in love with your shoess!! Great

  9. Aw that's too bad about the shoes! They are amazing! But maybe we can sell them for enough money to buy the right size? lol

    xo Jennifer


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