Thursday, 8 March 2012

I heart Paris...

...and I don't mean Ms Hilton! :p

I have finally sorted through my photos of my Paris trip back in February - it seems like a million years ago (and miles away!).

We were in Paris for four days and it was SOO COLD! Like, FREEZING COLD! Here are some of the pics of the first two days....

My niece enjoying her cuppa and croissant on the first morning <3

Me and Bella :)
Notre Dame

Frozen fountains at the Louvre
Bella was scared having this photo with the statue!
Front of the Louvre
My sister, Dad, Mum and Niece :)
Inside the Notre Dame

Freezing on top of the open top tour bus!

I NEVER wear hats (except woolly hats and beach hats!) and bought this one for the trip - then Beth kindly called me Uncle Buck in it!! And put me off it a fair bit! How rude!
As miffed as I was at the comparison, I tend to agree! I'll be accessorizing with an electric drill next time!

Stay tuned for Paris part two tomorrow!


  1. Love the Paris photos. You seem like you had a blast and it must have been wonderful spending time with your family, especially your niece. She is a cutie! I kind of agree about the Uncle Buck however, I think the blue makes your hat more fashionable. :)

  2. Lovely pics - it does look freezing but you guys are all smiles:) I quite like hats, but only wear them when I'm travelling - you know how the wind is in Wellington. By the way - you look nothing like uncle buck!

  3. Fab photos Sadie! Looks like you guys had a great time together. I love Paris soooo much, one of my fave cities!
    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  4. Wow, it looks amazing there! Paris is definitely number one on my places to travel list!

    xo gillie


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