Saturday, 10 March 2012

Paris Take Two!

Hi all, how's your weekend going? I have very exciting news about some NEW SHOES to share with you soon! (YES I mean THAT shoe competition!!)

Here's part two of my February trip to Paris (part one's here)....

My sister took this photo. Shame she couldn't manage to get the whole Arc in!!!!! Duh!

Bella being naughty on the tour bus! Ahahahahah!
We had some Parisian snow!
The Ritz where Princess Di left before she was tragically killed

I love the frames in Instagram!

The Moulin Rouge - it was a lot shabbier outside than I'd imagined!
I mastered the metro for my family and I! First time I'd ever been brave enough!

Uncle Buck and I ready to go home!
Have you had snow this year? :)


  1. More lovely pics Sadie - I'd love to check out Paris one day, its on my increasingly long bucket list!!

    Also good work nailing the metro system:)

  2. Oh my Sadie I love your Paris pics. I am working on some Paris inspired ATCs and these images give me so many idea.
    We only had one snow but have had lots of bad weather (Tornadoes!! YUCK)

  3. Oh gosh, love your Paris pictures! I've been once and seeing this pictures is so making me wish that I could go back! We didn't have much snow here actually, it's been such a mild winter :)

  4. Rumor has it it will snow this weekend. I sure hope so because my mom bought me snow boots and I've yet to use them. I've never been to Paris and didn't even know that the moulin rouge actually existed. But I have been to wales so there! P.s. Princess di died on my bday:(

  5. Le Arc De Triomphe! I only dream of one day making it to France to see all of these amazing sites!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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