Thursday, 22 March 2012

What I wore: to an impromptu black tie awards ceremony

Hi all! TFIF! I'm sure you all hear me there!!

On Wednesday afternoon the bf rang me to say we'd been invited to a black tie dinner at 6.30pm that day - flights had been delayed due to the bad weather here in NZ and so they needed bums on seats at the awards being hosted by the university we both work for. 

Sir Graham Henry was honoured at the awards - that was news for me to tell my rugby mad father!
On one hand I thought, well that's nice - a chance to wine and dine and get spruced up. 

But on the other hand I thought - I have nothing to wear (I am either too chubby at the moment to wear some of my clothes or have left the dressier of my items in Wales as I don't tend to wear them much here!!), 
will I get stuck sat on my own whilst the bf has to schmooze as part of his job, 
and how the heck am I meant to stick to Weight Watchers at a three course meal!?

 In the end I made the decision to just go with it and loosen up a bit! (I've become a bit hermit like lately - do you ever get like that!?).

And so I rushed home and pulled this dress from a ziplock storage bag I'd left on the floor of my closet.

I also must apologise for the photos. It's something I the bf and I had words about!! He needs to help me get better pics rather than just snapping 5 awful ones and thinking the job's done! Ha!

Dress, Max; Tights, Primark; Sandals, Matalan
Yeah my eyes are closed but the bf only took pants photos so this one was one of the best!!

At the end of the night after several glasses of vino!
Sequin blazer, New Look
Clutch, Bracher Emden London via TK Maxx

This was the only (bad) shot of the detail on my silk dress. And half an earring. Disappointing!
 And these are awful snaps too. I need to get a new bf ;P

Rings, gifted; antique diamante bracelet, thrifted; Tiffany charm bracelet; beaded bracelet Shh By Sadie
What are your weekend plans?


  1. I'm sure I've said it before, and I know I'll say it again, but... You always have the most gorgeous hair! And I'm just dying over that clutch, it's amazing :)

  2. Unfortunately, I get hermit like more often than not. I wish I got out more.
    BTW, I love the clutch! It really adds a beautiful pop of color.
    This weekend I have plans to rest and recoup after my tumble down the flight of stairs Monday. I am feeling better but walking is difficult still. And I am celebrating my Blogaversary Saturday. :) Be sure to check my blog for a giveaway. HUGS

  3. haha bf's so just snap pics not caring if its actually a good shot eh! Need to train him up? Id love to go to an impromptu black tie event, I think you looked fab you cant go wrong with a black dress and love the sequin blazer! My weekend starts off tonight with indor rock climbing then dinner out with the bf, friends kids 2nd bday and doing the city to surf among other things, will be an interesting weekend! xx

  4. I am the definition of hermit I swear
    these shots aren't too bad and you can still see the details etc loving the sequin blazer HAUT!
    sometimes its hard to get good pics I use my tripod as I don't have a photographer lol but sometimes even the tripod has its issues!
    XX Ilana

  5. You needn't have worried Sadie, the dress is perfect! Love impromptu stuff like that, sometimes they're the best nights!
    Have a fab weekend hun xoxo

  6. The dress looks great on you! And I am really lusting ove your clutch!

  7. This is so fun and that sucks about your flight getting delayed. It sucks rushing to have to get ready but you look perfect from your hair, to the outfit to your nails. LOL about your bf taking the pic, you still LOOK great! I really like how you showed so many aspects of your look too, very pretty and it looked like a great event. Definitely keep up the vintage shopping too :)


  8. Ohh, you look lovely! I like the dress and the highlights you set with the bag and the pink nails and lips. Very classy! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend! xo, Christina

  9. nice post! thanks for your sweet comment? would you like to follow each other? I am your newest follower.

  10. Love your dress and shoes!
    Great look!


  11. The first photo is great and I think this is a gorgeous look. I would love to own your shoes!

    And yea, I know what you mean about feeling like a hermit and not wanting to go places, but I'm glad you went. You're outfit is amazing!

  12. I'm definitely a hermit sometimes too. But once you go out its not that bad :)

    I love your clutch by the way! Your outfit is super cute!


  13. love, love, love that sequined blazer! it's perfect!


  14. Chubby?! I don't think so! I think you look stunning! It's my birthday weekend, so after going to a craft show yesterday I'm chilling today ang going for a night on the town tonight :) then having a birthday Neal with the family tomorrow!! Hope you have a good one!! Xx

  15. great outfit you look gorgeous as always and love those shoes so amazing! glad you decided to go for it and dress up always fun to see!
    Misikko Hana Giveaway

  16. Wow! I just love that handbag! What a way to get ready for a black tie event last minute!! :-)

    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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