Sunday, 25 March 2012

What I wore: for my birthday BBQ!

Hi all, how was your weekend? We had some more lovely weather here in Wellington and so we got out and about...more about that tomorrow!

So I finally retrieved the pics of my bday outfit from the bf's phone - only three weeks later! My birthday was a Thursday and we arranged a BBQ for that evening. Of course it decided to rain just before the guests were due, so we had an indoor BBQ instead :)
Vest, Primark; Trousers, TK Maxx; Shoes,
The jacket is my favourite new blazer from Topshop :D I have too many blazers but can't help myself!
I have to have a birthday badge every year. It's the rules ;)

I left this photo uncropped so that you can see my glamorous bead and tool cabinet next to me! I need to move it into the bedroom, but for now it's still standing in pride of place in the living room! ;)

Turquoise ring, Primark; Gold ring, Topshop; Watch, Michael Kors; Skull bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Gold bangle, Hay Luv via Hipster.

Necklace, given to me by my nan :)

Earrings, Shh By Sadie

Shoes, (I forget the brand) via

Preparations for the indoor bbq underway! And the fizz was opened!

More of my birthday balloons! And my new speaker system in the background :)
The bf 'chef' :)
 I had a lovely day but that seems like a million years ago now - although the balloons are still hanging around to remind me!

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  1. Happy Bday mama and I love your outfit. You look beautiful and so chic ;)

  2. I really do love those birdie balloons....

    --Jaclyn T
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  3. Love all the details of your outfit! The nan necklace, the leopard soles, very pretty my lady. And at least you are organized with your crafts! I had a giant plastic storage container for the longest. Now I have shelves but haven't unpacked everything just yet. Thanks for boosting my self esteem with your compliments. I went back in time for you, here is the link to when I first showed my DIY shoes.

  4. Such a gorgeous necklace Sadie & I love the new Topshop jacket! Typical it rained when you got the bbq out!!!!
    Happy Monday hun xoxo

  5. Love the birthday badge hehe, sounds like a fab night! Birthdays come and go so quickly dont they. P.S. check my latest post for details of City to Surf xx

  6. Sadie you lokked stunning! i love the baggy pants and your bototies ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. I so want them!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. It looks like it was a great success. I love the mix of pink and turquoise. Simply STUNNING!!!

  8. love it! thanks for your sweet comment.

    with love,

  9. Very very nice!
    Ciao from Sardinya

  10. Love the pink top and those pants are the best. They are not the easiest pants to pull off, but you certainly make them work!

  11. you are so pretty in pink, and i want your necklace, it's so gorgeous !!!

  12. love the outfit especially the color combination and your signature coral color with the blazer! glad you enjoyed your day!
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  13. Awesome outfit! I love those shoes!! They work well with the hot pink top. Thanks for stopping by; your bright colors have forced me to follow your blog :)


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