Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A little help please!!

Hi all, happy hump day to you!
I am entering my first ever 'proper' competition on Facebook and would LOVE you forever if you could help me out by liking my competition photo!

The photo is of me engulfed with shoes and the prize is a pair of JC Litas!!!! WOW! The comp is judged by Shoe Connection, and not by 'likes' but I thought it might help if I had some 'likes' anyway! Oh and read my poem that accompanies it - so ridiculous! Haha.

Anyway THANKS in advance and I'll be back full and proper tomorrow :D


  1. I love the photo Sadie...have clicked on like & left you a little comment too!!! Good luck with the competition hun!
    Happy Wednesday xoxo

  2. Sadie, Love the photo and the poem is Wonderful! I liked and left a comment. Hope you win!

  3. I liked the photo. Good luck in the competition :)! xx

  4. great photo love the shoes you have on!


  5. Just did and good luck! Love your collection!


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