Sunday, 27 March 2011

And we all fall down...

Saturday was a great day! I'd arranged with 8 friends and the boyfriend to go paintballing. I'd never been paintballing before and we'd all bought a super cheap deal ($12 for a game and 150 shots) so I thought 'WHY NOT?!'. The thing is, when the morning of the game arrived, I was terrified and DID NOT want to go! I'd had a bit of banter with some of the boys who were going, and then was terrified that they were going to hunt me down and use me as a human target!

This isn't actually us. I took some photos but they weren't very good!
I tried persuading them to be on my team, but they refused. So I asked the boyfriend to be on my team, and also grabbed one of the other guys (he's a Kiwi so dead active and I knew he'd be a good 'asset' to the team!) and made a deal with my friend Sara that we'd watch each other's backs! Sara and I even invested $5 to hire the overalls so that we'd bit a little more camouflaged than in our 'civvies'. As the game commenced, I found myself a sniper tower, clambered up and stayed there! No shots on me! Fools! 

At the end of each round, I kept coming back paint free, and was pretty chuffed about that. Then I thought 'oh no - they will now hunt me down because I am the only person who hasn't been shot!'. They didn't! I did have a teensy bit of a run around at the end of the match, but was still unharmed. Hoorah and a successful paintballing adventure. Especially when I see the Dalmatian-like bruises on the boys!

After all the banter, it was me who came out bruise free!
What WASN'T so successful was that evening. We'd all arranged to go to one of my favourite restaurants in Wellington, Cafe Istanbul. It's a great big restaurant (which looks incredibly tiny from the outside, but once you're through the doors just keeps on going!) and had fabulous food, a relaxed atmosphere and traditional belly dancers!

The evening turned out to be rainy, so I thought it was a great opportunity to bust out a pair of new leather boots I'd bought on my trip back to Wales in January and not worn yet. So I paired them with a pair of black leggings, a black tunic, a black matte sequin bike jacket that was also a new purchase from the Wales trip, and some nice silvery jewellery. Leaving the house, I felt pretty pleased with my funky lil outfit.

Boots - TK Maxx; Leggings and Tunic - Primark; Jacket - TK Maxx; Necklace - TK Maxx; Bangle - Christmas pressie :)

Bag - Witchery

Sixty seconds later, I was not so pleased!

Trotting down the path to the bus-stop (the boyfriend had offered to pay for a taxi but I thought I'd be economical and get the bus instead, that will teach me!), large umbrella in hand, I managed to get about 10 metres before I slipped on the slippery path in my shiny new boots, and landed in a heap on the floor.

Grazed hand? Check. Ripped leggings? Check. Bloody knee? Check. Scuffed new boots? Yes, check.

Extreme sad face? CHECK!

Trying to stop myself from having a little cry, I hobbled back to the apartment to survey the damage:

Bad times :(

Brand new boots scuffed :'(
Both of them were casualties in the tumble

In the words of Charlie Sheen - #not winning
I changed my leggings, put my scuffed boots back on, gathered my pride and jumped in a taxi to the restaurant. I wasn't going to let my fall stop me from enjoying a belly dance, borek and a glass of vino!


  1. Oh Sadie! I remeber doing something very simmilar on the Terrace not long after I moved to Wellington. It was just after work and there were people EVERYWHERE. So embarassing! Hope you can fix up your new boots.

  2. OMG, that WOULD have been embarrassing....eek!!!


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