Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New to blogging and craft meetings in ONE DAY!

So this is my first blog and first post and very first venture out into the big wide world - ooooh scary!!

Sadie *hearts* beaches!
I've been thinking about starting a blog for a wee while, and so had a peek at what some other girls were doing, and became totally inspired!

I contacted Little Miss Momma after reading her incredible blog and was amazed to receive a wonderful response just a few hours later! She encouraged me to "go for it" and so here goes......!!

As with most bloggers, I'm a tad scared of embarrassing myself online, but even more scared of sinking beneath the depth of the countless other blogs out there. I hope to learn as I go and make new friends in this blogosphere.

And so back to my first post:

Today I am very excited....I am not only starting my first blog, but I am also attending my FIRST CRAFT MEETING!! Woo hoo! 

I've been living in New Zealand for almost 2 years (more about that at another point!) and have only just got around to joining this craft group. So I am hoping to meet some lovely, inspiring, crafty ladies and have a good ol' time. Hopefully I'll have something crafty and interesting to report back tomorrow.

I'm going to keep my first post short and sweet, and so will leave it there.

Ciao ciao! x


  1. Welcome to blog-land girl:-) Just have fun with it! Can't wait to see what inspires you.

    P.S. I have a dear friend that just moved to New Zealand about a week ago! Such a beautiful place in the world! xoxo

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment - my first one!!
    Whereabouts did your friend move to NZ from? Hope they're settling into their new life well! :)

  3. WELCOME to blogging girly! you are off to a GREAT start! You will have a blast :)



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