Thursday, 17 March 2011


I recently joined CRAFTSTER and have really enjoyed browsing through the completed craft projects. One thing I keep seeing mentioned is 'Wist' which I am clueless about - so much to learn about all of this online crafting / sharing / swapping!

As I was browsing through the projects there were a couple that I JUST HAD to share with you!

Here they are - enjoy!

This beauty is made by Amy Gaspard. I love it sooo much. The colours are amazing and it totally makes me want to be back in Fiji sipping a cocktail!
I really like beading, and tried to "teach myself" last year, but ended up giving up and sewing the tiny beads onto felt instead. Definitely something I'd like to pursue again in the future.

This rhino ring was made by BananaAmbush and I would definitely feel FIERCE wearing it!*TYRA*

Such a whimsical, girlie necklace. It would look great at an afternoon tea party! Made by Miss Ireen. 

I had to check out her blog after seeing her work and I spotted this baby (called the Oceanus necklace) as soon as the page loaded - I NEED IT IN MY LIFE! 

Made by Miss Ireen and available at Etsy


  1. Hi From Crafters :)
    Oh those are pretty.
    Welcome to the Blogging world :)

    *Renee (AKA)

  2. Glad you found Craftster - its a fabulous online community! They have lots of swaps on there too:)

  3. if you have not been there
    is a good craft site also


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