Thursday, 31 March 2011

What Sadie Did This Week

I think it's good to get in the practice of reflecting on the achievements and accomplishments we do each week. A friend of mine Tweets his '5 things of the day' that he's thankful for, in an effort to reflect positively at the end of his day.

So I am going to start reflecting on the things I did each week that are noteworthy / fun / made me smile / I enjoyed. I encourage you to do the same, and if you do, either leave them as a comment below, or send me the link to them on your own blogs! I'd love to check them out!
Here goes nothing...!

1. I rang my grandparents in Wales. I don't ring them as much as I mean to, because with the time difference I often remember too early or too late. They've both been under the weather lately so I was really happy to talk to them and have a good old catch up :)
With Nan and Grancha in Wales, February
 2. I've almost completed my first ever online craft swap via Cut Out and Keep. I'm swapping with a lovely girl from Hawaii and as it's my first one, I hope I send the right sort of things. Can't wait for her to receive my package and hear her feedback.

3. On a similar note, I sent my mum her handmade Mother's Day card and present. Hope she likes them :)

4. I lost another 2lbs on my diet, bringing the total to 7lbs so far...YAY. Good inspiration to keep going!!!

5. The boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to go out for dinner on Wednesday night. As he's been helping me stick to the diet, we've been eating in most weeknights so it felt like a proper treat! We had a great evening and spotted a GIANT stingray and a tiny (sick I think) blue penguin on the waterfront.
He's hard to spot -but there's the lil penguin..poor thing :(
 Mahooosive!! What a beast!

6. I received a postcard from my good friend Craig who'd been in Lebanon. He always sends me postcards from his various travels and I love receiving them from all parts of the world. It's great that he still sends them even though I've moved to NZ!

7. I had a BIG decision to make about the interview I'd attended last week - and decided to withdraw my application. That was a tough decision but I'm sure it was for the best...

8. I've really enjoyed reading other people's blogs. My two favs this week are:

Simply Delicious - Sadie (great name huh!) is so interesting, down to earth and funny in her blog that I can't help reading every post she does!
Sadie and her gorgeous family!
The Hourglass - Jacqueline wears the most fabulous outfits in her fashion blog and I always check out her latest posts for inspiration.
This girl sure has style!!
Perhaps you should have a little nosey too!

9. I moved offices at work temporarily and although I wasn't impressed with having to move all my stuff out of my own office into a shared office, I'm actually really enjoying having company. Plus there's often cake in the new office (NOT good for the diet!!).

10. Not really an accomplishment, but on Wednesday night the boyfriend and I were awoken at 5am with a fright - there'd been a big explosion across the harbour from our apartment! The docks there had been fumigating a container and it blew up! There was a fire, lots of smoke and plenty of sirens! Quite exciting and thankfully no-one was hurt!

So there we have it, my 10 things that Sadie Did this week. TGIF!



  1. Thanks for the shout out sweetie!

  2. Goodness - I heard about that explosion. Must have been pretty scary!

    I wanted to answer your question regarding ASOS & I answered on my blog but I wanted to make sure you got it, so here goes:

    The sizing is pretty good in terms of clothing, a UK 8 is equal to an NZ 8 (although ‘true to size’ 8′s).
    With shoes, UK sizing is a bit different, but a UK 6 = NZ8 in shoes, for other sizes they have a great sizing charts which I used. Since it worked out reliably for me, I’d say that you can go off of it. Hope that helps – let me know how you get on!

  3. seems like you really accomplished a lot! great job and thanks for the comment! definitely following back great blog!


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