Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What I wore: Tunic Tuesday !

On a Monday morning, I usually like to wear a comfortable outfit (often something baggy after the weekend!) and just ease myself into the week. This week, I carried this chain of thought into Tuesday.
Tunic, Primark; Cardigan, Zara; Shoes, Matalan; Necklace, Diva; Sunglasses, RayBan.
I bought this tunic several years ago, and mainly only bought it because it was reduced to ONE POUND in Primark and I thought, why not!? Now I love it and often get a compliment or two when I wear it. It's also great with cowboy boots in colder weather.
Love my swallow ring, can't get enough of it!
Necklace, Diva; Ring, Primark.

I always find a long, heavy necklace works well with this tunic, so stop it fanning out at the front. But it means I jangle whenever I move!!


Well I am going to persevere with my outfit posts....as I DO love fashion and LOVE looking at other people's outfits so I figured I should just go for it....

Some things I need to work on............
  • Poses!! I guess this will come with time! So far, I still feel VERY cheesy!
  • As they say - location, location, location. So far, I've just had the boyfriend pap me as I come home from work. Must remember sooner and make more effort!
  • The pics themselves. The boyfriend doesn't really have much interest in taking photos of me and my outfits, and so I've just had him take a couple of quick snaps and that's that. I will have to persuade him to take more photos demonstrating my fabulous accessories!! Haha ;)

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