Monday, 28 March 2011

Making Mother's Day

I finally finished making the bib necklace I'm sending my mum for Mother's Day last night. I started thinking about this over a week ago and had made a practice necklace so that I could iron out any problems before making my mum's. Of course I wanted Mum's to be perfect! :)

The only change I made was to alter the position of the ribbons to secure the bib around the neck...hope they work nicely for Mum!
The 'test' necklace and Mum's necklace in black
I wanted to make Mum's necklace in black, as I thought it would be more adaptable. It took over a week to hunt down black felt - both Spotlight AND The Warehouse were out of stock last week, but I finally tracked some down this Sunday...which meant I had to make the necklace ASAP so that I could get it in the post and winging its way to Wales! It probably won't make it in time for Sunday, but it's better late than never....

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out - lots of sewing involved!
Wrapped nicely too, even if I DO say so myself! ;)

Hope she likes it!!

If you'd like to make a similar necklace for your mum or for YOURSELF, check out my tutorial!


  1. Cute packaging! Do you know about Goldings Craft Store in the central city? I didn't know about it until I have lived in Wellington for a couple of years - I can take you there if you want:)

  2. No - never heard of it! And yes, we should have a visit...maybe combine it with a bit of thrifting too?! :)


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