Thursday, 17 March 2011

Getting Old: Crafting rather than going out!

Rain Rain RAIN
Ahhh, the pitfalls of getting older! I spent yesterday afternoon becoming less and less keen to go out for drinks for St Patrick's day, and then when I finally finished work and got home, this was what I was faced with:
Would YOU want to venture out in THAT!?

And so I made a quick decision - I was not going out! I quickly put on some joggers, a jumper and knitted socks, just to demonstrate to myself that I was SERIOUS about my decision! And I had a jolly good evening cosied up in my house while people were getting rained on hopping from Irish bar to Irish bar - I'm sure my friends didn't even notice my absence the weather if the state of the text messages I received at 12:30am and 1:30am were anything to go by!

This is what I chose to do instead:

Crafting + Gossip Girl = Happy Sadie XOXO
I am a HUGE lover of Gossip Girl, and as it's shown at some silly hour on a  Sunday afternoon here in NZ, I instead watch it at my own leisure on DVD...ahhh how I LOVE CHUCK! It's Mother's Day in the UK in a few weeks and so I have begun thinking about what to send my on the other side of the world means I have to be super organised and get in early! Or she'll have a sad face on Mothering Sunday ;)

SO I've decided to make her a 'bib necklace'! And last night I got my 'craft on' and my beads out, and started to make a test run....I realised I didn't have any black felt, so I am making the first one out of a lovely turquoise felt, which I think would be a bit bright for my Mum's style, so I will either keep it for myself or send it to one of my sisters. But I wanted to have a practice so that I know what I'm doing right, or what is totally wrong.

I started by making a rough sketch on card of the sort of shape and size I was aiming for, and laid out some lovely jewels and sequins to get an idea of placement. I've now started sewing them on, and will put full pics up with the finished project (successful or NOT!) when it's done.

I've had a look online this morning and have seen sooo many AMAZING alternatives to a jewelled bib necklace. Here are some of my favs!
AMAZING! By Wild as a Mink

I want to try this one next. By Bromeliad

This is a bit more advance, but LOVE IT! By The Glamourai

Very on trend with its use of buttons, by Little Miss Momma

WOW! By Love Maegan

So the pressure is on peeps! I have to make something as FABULOUS as these babies!!!

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