Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Crafty Swapping Goodness

Those lovely people who have been reading my regular posts will know that I have been partaking in an online craft swap. (For newbies who are interested, I wrote about it here). Well I posted my swap last Monday, and my lovely swappy partner Pam posted hers the same day from Hawaii. And it arrived yesterday! It was sitting in my postbox as I got home from work! 

As it was the FIRST swap I'd ever joined, I was very excited to see what I received. And Pam didn't disappoint!! Everything was soo well made, and she'd really taken time to make things suitable to my style :D

Here are my goodies:
Cute note on the envelope!
The goodies and a lovely Hawaiian postcard
I LOVED the little bag! It said 'Because I want to see you smile' :)
This bib necklace is beautiful!! I showed it to my sister  in Wales via Skype and she said 'Oooh make me one!!' but I have to admit, I think it's beyond my skills at the moment!!
There was an Alice theme to the swap, so Pam made me these Alice bottle cap magnets. They're already on my fridge :)
This is a really cute necklace - I did take a closer pic but it was too blurry. The middle is made of little flowers bunched together. Sweet and such an unusual necklace.
A lovely ruffly hair clip!
 So I was really happy with my swap! I hope Pam receives mine soon, as we're technically a day ahead in NZ so it should have been posted earlier than hers, and of course, I hope she likes it!

Has anyone else completed online swaps? I've signed up for two more now! I love receiving letters, so parcels is even better!


  1. love it great photos!

    ps tagged you in a post on my blog!


  2. oh wow what a beautiful idea. i am going to read your earlier post now. the things from pam are lovely!

  3. LOVE that bib necklace....the whole package is quite cute, actually! :) Congrats!

  4. I think you would look great with bangs or fringes however people call it haha and I'm hoping the giveaway goes well and I bet you'll get more followers I used to get excited when I just had 5 and red velvet cake is regular cake with red food coloring and its usually served with a cream cheese icing I think its delicious but they also use buttercream but I don't like it like that


  5. Rosieposie & Tanyabell - thanks!

    Kimberly - I'm seriously considering it!! and that cake sounds delish :)

    Sadie x

  6. These are darling! I love the bib necklace the most. Soo cute. :) I have never participated in a blog swap deal, but they sure sound fun!

  7. A craft swap sounds like a lot of fun! I've never participated in one, though. Hopefully one day!

    Pam is very talented. I love the bib necklace as well. I've never thought of using yo-yo's like that :)


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