Thursday, 14 April 2011

While the cat's away: I'll show you my wardrobe!

The boyfriend is in Oman for work at the moment and so whilst I've been living the bachelorette lifestyle I've not been able to get pictures of my daily outfits. It's a bit annoying because I miss my fashion posts!! 

Last week I spied a post on Along Abbey Road about her 'Treasure Trove' or jewellery box. I really enjoyed getting an insight into her fashion accessories and treasures, and also enjoy posts on sites like B. Jones Style where we get a snapshot of their wardrobe. SO I thought to myself - why don't I do that?! It's a way of getting my fashion-fix without relying on someone else to take the pics. 

So this time I am sharing my SHOE CUPBOARD!

I am slightly shoe mad (well, EVERYTHING mad, but shoes are probably the most excessive of my purchases). These are my 'everything' shoes - ie, these aren't my summer shoes and they're not my winter boots. Hope you like having a nosey and I'd love to have a nosey back if you feel like sharing too!

This is where my most-used shoes live...

Here are some of my favourites <3
I LOVE these Alberto Guardiani shoes so much. Toot toot! Great for a dreary day!

These puppies stay in the box. They're the ONLY expensive pair of shoes I have bought in NZ, for a black tie gala last November.

Variations of a theme...brogue stylee! Mainly work shoes.
My mum posted the purple/blue brogues to me from the UK last year as a surprise. I'd seen them when I was at home, but when I went to buy them they'd gone (it's like that in TK Maxx!) - she found them a week later and I received the BEST package ever :D

Colourful platform sandals spice up a plain outfit!

You can never have too many black shoes!

Metallic party shoes

Coloured courts anyone?!

These disgusting flip flops were a running joke at home. They were my mum's and we all made fun of them...She managed to sneak them into one of my 3 suitcases when I moved to NZ, and I found them when I unpacked with this note attached...
It made me smile! Especially seeing as I'd arrived on the other side of the world where I knew just one person!!!

Next time I will share my CLOTHES or JEWELLERY :)

This week I was also tagged in a post by Kimberly at City Style. So I'm joining in!

Ten Things That I Love Tag

Rules are as followed:
1. State who gave you this award in your post
2. State 10 things that you love
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers, listing them at the end of the post, and notify them with a lovely comment.

1. People. Especially my sisters, niece, parents and boyfriend.
A, B, mini-B and me :)
 2. Holidays
Fiji last year <3

3. Flamingo cards
4. My new laptop!
5. Crafting!!
I made that!!!
6. Dancing

7. Big hair (I never find the time to do it though..sniff)
Kim K does big hair well
8. Gossip Girl. Especially CHUCK. XOXO
9. Reading, in particular historical crime novels :)
10. Walkers Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations - can't get these in NZ!! :'(

Now to pass it on to the following bloggers:

Have fun! :)


  1. love the shoes! especially the expensive ones and the red platform sandals! love that headband you made wish i could have one!

    giveaway on my blog!

  2. Omg... That is an amazing shoe collection. I used to have around 300 pairs but when I became a mom I had to give up my shoe allowance. It was a great trade. :)

  3. eeeeek loove your shoes, lol i see some that are my faaaaaaaav

  4. ooh thanks - i'll do mine today :-) i love the headband that you made. i'm going to do some fun facts every thursday so you never know, somewhere down the line you may we do have lots of things in common :-D

  5. also - i am incredibly shoe mad too. i have two whole wardrobes filled with boxes of shoes. maybe i'll do a inside my wardrobe post! x

  6. yeah i really want to do one! i just need to get myself organised - all my shoes are in boxes with pink heart sticky note labels on it's going to take me ages to get them all out and photo them. i'm sure it'll be lots of fun.

  7. LOVE those peach pumps! Great collection :)

  8. You have such an impressive shoe collection! I really love the nautical pair, I've never seen any thing like them and I would love to see how you style them :) Thanks so much for tagging me, I really appreciate all of the love and support you've shown to me and my blog!

  9. wow so many shoes. The pink bowed courts are my fave, super girly.
    Thanks for your comment :).

    Helen, X

  10. Thank you so much for tagging me, dear. I really love your blog. Keep it up.

    Look forward to see and hear more of you.

    Love from Norway
    Karoline Kalvo

  11. I love all your shoes.


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