Sunday, 10 April 2011

24 hours in Castlepoint

This weekend there was another road trip! Not quite as far as Taupo thankfully - Castlepoint is about 3 hours away. We trucked up on Saturday afternoon, stayed the night and trucked back on Sunday.

The bach we stayed in was part of a sheep station in rural countryside and a five minute walk to the beach. Things were pretty basic, but as there were 9 of us and plenty of alcohol flowing, basic was what we needed. I love how you can rock up to a farm in New Zealand, stay in a bach and have a SHEEP SHEARING SHED attached to your accommodation! Seriously, you opened a door from the kitchen / living area and it led straight into the shed! HILARIOUS!

Highlights of the weekend were: beach strolls, midnight forest walks, star spotting, poker lessons, bbq and beverages, Taboo board games and scaring ourselves silly in the pitch black sheep shed!

Here are some of my favourite pics from the weekend:
Our home for the weekend
Our home for the weekend
The boys had a surf or two
This was the 'spare' bach. We didn't use it but it's a good indicator of the bach standards we had!
Inside the sheep shearing shed...
Sheepy stuff
A huge freezer full of meaty bits and that thing in the corner is a rolled up, frozen deer hide!!!! WHAT!
Us city girls aren't used to rolled up deer hides in our freezers!!!
The boys loved the rural farm vibe!
Giving the boys a taste of their own medicine after they'd been jumping out at us all night!
Felting anyone?
It had a pretty vintage BBQ set-up
Lady Gaga eat your heart out!
The boyfriend enjoyed some rocking chair action
Random dead stuff on the beach as usual - a shark of some sort
Beautiful Castlepoint
Bye bye bach! :(


  1. definitely not used to that! great photos!

  2. gorgeous beach! You have a really cute blog. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following along.

  3. Just beautiful - makes me want to go on vacation.

  4. nice blog + watching you :)

  5. Looks like you had a really lovely trip (apart from all of the dead animal bits, of course... that probably would have been enough to send me home pretty quickly.) The scenery is just gorgeous!

  6. i am so jealous of you right now it's untrue! it looks so serene and calm and lovely an FUN x


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