Monday, 8 August 2011

Road Trip: Christchurch to Punakaiki to Franz Josef

Hi all, it's been hard to cut down the photos of this trip because everything in the South Island is so darned scenic!! Some photos are on my bf's camera, and some are on Ed's huge camera, so you are in luck as I won't be tempted to spam you with even MORE shots!

Ed is better now - he made a great recovery and even joined my bf and I with 8 friends at an engagement dinner on Friday night after being released from hospital just hours earlier!! He's back in the sunny Bahamas now where he can recoup in the heat!

Snow in Christchurch!
The bf and his sister!

My "brother-in-law" having fun in the snow!!

Arthur's Pass is in the background

The West Coast

Trying to keep the glamour with some red lippy!!!

This is a tradition I started several years ago whilst driving around Madeira so I always try and get this shot on holidays!

A bar in Franz Josef - before the dreadful glacier hike the next day!!

Ed played in a pool tournament. A girl won!!
How was your weekend?? :)


  1. Looks like you had a lovely trip - the snow looks amazing!
    That purple coat on you is so cute, I love it! Gotta keep glamourous no matter where we are! ;)


  2. Beautiful Sadie! The pics don't look like they are cold, and then I see you all bundled in your mittens hehe. My weekend was hot!

  3. So pretty! Those mountains must be breathtaking in person. I love your bright purple coat.


  4. You look like you all had a BLAST! What beautiful views! So PRETTY!!

  5. I had a fabulous weekend. You sure did look glamourous with your red lippy and sassy coat!!

  6. Fab xoxo I love Punakaiki! Plus isn't Arthurs Pass amazing!

  7. gorgeous photos, would love to visit New Zealand!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  8. YAY for the road trip photos! looks like you had so much fun! :)


    Fashion Fractions

  9. You look really great!

    The scenery is absolutely beautitful, it reminds me so much of LOTR :-p! So jealous of the snow too, we just seem to get rain or muggy weather here atm!


  10. OMG!! How adorable is that snow man!!! Looks like you had a Fab time :)
    - Aditi

  11. love that coat...what a stunning shade! and that pic of you and your beau is adorable! :)

  12. great photos you look lovely as always and the scenery is amazing!

  13. Great pics, good that you were able to see the snow! Its supposed to snow again today....Im keeping an eye out lol


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