Thursday, 4 August 2011

Roadtrip Day One: Wellington - Nelson - Kaikoura - Christchurch

On day one we woke early, flew to Nelson and picked up a car to drive all the way down to Christchurch. Here are some pics - spectacular scenery!!

Nelson - gorgeous!!

The bf and his uni friend from the Bahamas!

There was JUST about room for me with all the bags ;)

Rear cooler - is it just me that finds this funny?!

Coffee break in a random little town

The loos - I actually walked in on a middle-aged lady doing her business - UGH!! Lock the door lovey!!!

Lunch at Kaikoura

Me waving at my shadow!!! Hahahaha
The new Uggs!

Our car and views over Kaikoura

It was dark by the time we arrived in Christchurch!
What a busy day we had!

Our friend Ed from the Bahamas is now in hospital with toxic tonsillitis - OMG!!!!! He has been there 24 hours and they are letting us know if he is to be released later this evening. He is due to fly back to the US on Sunday so fingers crossed he has recovered by then!

What are your weekend plans?? TGIF!!


  1. OMG! Toxic tonsillitis? How did he get it? Poor guy!
    These places are spectacular and you took very good pictures actually!!

  2. OMG beautiful photos! can't wait to see more
    XX Ilana

  3. Amazing shots Sadie! The sky is soooo blue & the scenery stunning. Can't wait for more...

  4. Lovely pictures looks like the weather behaved for you ! Poor fella he must be in mad pain :(

  5. Oh wow - these photos are absolutely gorgeous. The scenery is just breathtaking!!
    You and the bf are so cute together!! :)
    Makes me want to go to NZ so bad now! :(


  6. great photos the scenery is beautiful and omg the seals are so cute! can't wait to see more photos!
    i'm hoping to do the bangs again but maybe dye my hair like a chocolate brown or something lighter! what do you think??

  7. Hope your friend is ok by now!!! love love these photos, the sky is so beautiful, you and your boyfriend look lovely together:))

  8. I hope Ed gets better soon :-). The views look absolutely amazing, I am so jealous that you gotto visit these spectacular places! The rear end cooler sign is quite funny, it made me chuckle.


  9. Oh no girlie! SO sorry to hear about your friend. I will keep him in my prayers. I had tonsilitis before, have no idea what TOXIC is for it...sheesh.

    But these are amazing pictures!!! I love ever last one of theme. Haha about the lady who didn't close her door!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  10. THAT'S winter for you? Jealous!

    What a nice necklace you have. :)

    –Jaclyn T
    Come enter my blog giveaway for a handmade pouch @

  11. Hi Sadie! I'll keep an eye on your blog while I am on vacation. Hope your friend is getting better!

  12. Ouch...WHAT AND HOW????

    LOVE the photos, girl! Glad you had a great time :)

  13. Wooow, what a beautiful photos! And seals, how cute are they?? :)

  14. You look so cute in these pictures.

    Hope your friend will feel better soon

  15. looks like an amazing time

  16. Ok.... I need to get on a plane and head here! Looks soo awesome and believe it or not my dork came out and laughed at the "rear cooler" hahaha...

    Love! ~Angel

  17. The South Island is such a cool place. Great coastal & alpine scenery, good roads & friendly people. Ideal for motorcycle touring


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