Monday, 22 August 2011

Back to the roadtrip - snowboarding!

Hi all, thanks for all of your kind comments about my craft fair last week, I always find it useful to get feedback! :)

I didn't finish sharing the roadtrip photos last week (I got distracted by craft fairs and Michael Kors watches), so here are some of my snowboarding pics...
We drove up from Queenstown to Cardrona
I never feel comfortable snowboarding, as I have only been three times (including this trip) and am much more at home on a city break than a ski trip! But I did impress myself with my progress this time! 

The boyfriend is an excellent snowboarder so he was my teacher for a wee while before he headed up to the 'proper' slopes for some swishing action of his own.
Feeling like a pro in my ski wear! ;)
Check Ed being cheeky in the background!

The bf and Ed messing around on the nursery slopes

Finding my feet on the first day....
Before losing them pretty quickly!
I managed to fall off the magic carpet TWICE with the board stuck to my feet. This time they let me stand on it OFF the board, thankfully!!!

All this board on and off lark drove me nuts!

Glad to be heading back to the hotel after day one!

Day two and I was very proud to be on the magic carpet ATTACHED to my board!!!
View from the magic carpet - gorgeous!

Look at me move! ;)

Feeling a lot more confident - no falls all day!!!

And here is a video (for those of you who are interested!) in me snowboarding down the nursery slopes ALL BY MYSELF ;) Hahahahaha. (Hope it works!)

Aren't you proud of me!??! ;)

Do you ski or snowboard?


  1. Woohoo! You did it.

    Hell, no: I do not ski or snowboard. Going downhill on icy/snowy terrain attached to a board scares me! Cross country skiing would be fun, though...I do love snowshoeing.

  2. Amazing shots Sadie! The sun glistening on the snow is wonderful. I've normally "Got all the gear but no idea"!! Have never tried snowboarding but I'm sure I'd be useless!!!!

  3. Oh my god - this looks like so much fun!!!
    And look at you - so pro!! ;)
    I have NEVER been to the snow (I have seen snow int he city whilst living in Sweden) but have never skiied or snorboarded! :(
    I really want to though, and I think we will go next year. It looks like way too much fun - even though I will probably be on my ass all day, haha.


  4. I cant wait for winter to arrive.. this looks like it was a lot of fun.. If i try snowboarding again, I know I will eat it too and end up with multiple bruises everywhere..

    Love! ~Angel

  5. I've never been snowboarding but it's definitely on my wish list! looks like so much fun :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. OMG Sadie you are too adorable!!! so proud!! I would never in a million years be able to do that you look so cute in your ski outfit great job!

  7. Ahh looks like so much fun! I miss the mountains and skiing!


    Erin @

  8. I am horrible at both therefore i dont do it lol I did go on school trips to Qtown to ski and snowboard when I was younger though - amazing views arent they?!

  9. I don't ski anymore....I had my ankle broken on a motorbike accident and now I am afraid of everything:-((
    Great pictures!

  10. Hi, I found your blog through a fashion blog and saw we had a few things in common. Living in NZ, learning to snowboard and having tea at Martha's pantry he he.

    I just returned from a trip to Mt Ruapehu where I spent a few days on the learner slope myself! So I can relate. I'm just a newbie too although I finally got the hang of my last day he he. One day we'll graduate and ride the chairlifts to the top of the mountain he he. Depending on the schedule for a play I've just been cast in I hope to spend a few more days on the mountain this season. :-)

    @Francesca R
    I know how you feel last year I had my first "real" accident quad biking off a steep drop, luckily I walked away and only needed one arm in a sling but the experience still shook me.. and to think we were meant to go parasailing that day instead!! Yes, the one day my family decides to go parasailing the office is closed.

  11. I almost forgot to mention he he that you shouldn't worry about the magic carpet. Every few minutes someone would fall off. I personally hate when it starts and stops without warning. I'm just worried now about mastering exiting chairlifts with a snowboard attached to one of my feet.. Eeek I'm sure to embarass myself.

  12. you did awesome in that video! i've been snowboarding a few times and i think once you learn how to get up and how to stop (without falling) you're pretty much set. :)

  13. I tried skiing twice and wiped out all the time. Even got stuck on the ski lift! hahaha, I wonder if I would do any better at snowboarding!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  14. the snow looks so beautiful. i have never been skiing in my entire life, so rest assured you must be better than me sadie!



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