Sunday, 28 August 2011

New In: Sadie's been shopping (a lot!)

Hi all, how was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time! I had a fun weekend and have some SHOPPING to show you! 

As I mentioned, I'm going to Fiji in 10 days, so wanted to get some cheapish new clothes to take with me. I find that year on year I have taken the same dresses to Miami and the Bahamas in 2008, Samoa 2009, Fiji and the Whitsundays in 2010 and was determined not to do it this year! I don't get the chance to wear these types of clothes other than on a tropical holiday, which is why they've come with me each year. So I bought a couple of newbies to mix in with the trusty oldies!

So here are the new holiday clothes!
A beach top that was a total bargain - $8!

I love this dress, it was $16 and is such a cute holiday dress! It's a thick cotton so is really stiff and lovely :D

Another top - this one buttons up the front and has a drawstring around the waist. LOVE the colours. Also $7
A fairly plain blue dress but it looked really nice on. I thought I can also get use out of this in every day life! $40

The bf when he saw me buying this top - "Not MORE animal print!" HA! $20
A playsuit which I envisage with high wedges! $35
Love the wooden buttons!
A super long maxi dress which will NEED high wedges!! $60
This dress looks really elegant, and I can wear it to work when the temperature gets a bit warmer! $50

A lot of new clothes to squeeze into my wardrobe!
 I told myself I DID NOT need sandals. I have tonnes of sandals from last summer. But when the bf was busy in one shop, I went a-wandering and spotted these fabulously sick glitter numbers and sadly couldn't leave without them. I've even already worn them on Saturday night!!
Do you love them!? $100
I bought the exact same wedge last summer, in cream and rope. They are SO comfy.
 ALSO new in, but not holiday related:
Genuine pearl drop earrings. Very exciting!!
Some jumbo heated rollers - any tips on use?? I've never tried them before!

My fabulous Michael Kors watch! I used the voucher that I won on Aprilia's blog towards this beaut!
Lots of new stuff - eek. What have you bought lately? :)


  1. I love all of your buys especially the leo print top and those glittery sandals!!!!!!
    Yesterday I bought a lot of stuff at H&M and Zara! I have to restrain myself somehow!

  2. Wow! Who's been a busy girl!!!! Lots of gorgeous prints. I love love love those glitter wedges & I also love your new watch. Happy holidays Sadie xoxo

  3. Blimey! What a spread! Love the glitter shoes - although heels aren't my friend so I could never wear them *sigh* but I can admire them!

    Funny you should post this today actually - I'm going to Thailand/KL/Singapore in Jan and I was thinking today how I pretty much have no wardrobe for this trip! Your haul has given me a few good ideas :D

  4. I'm loving Michael Kors watched at the moment and those gold, sparkly wedges are gorgeous! Great post.

  5. Wow you did go shopping haha we would make good shopping buddies ;) I totally saw those wedges in Hannahs! I think the 3 pairs of wedges I bought on Saturday are more than enough though lol. Love the watch I realy want me a chunky big silver watch.....Im keeping my eyes peeled for "the one" xx

  6. Oh my! You HAVE been shopping a lot haven't you!? :)
    I am so jealous you are going to Fiji!!! Take me with you, please!!
    Can't wait to see pictures and LOVE that Michael Kors watch! ;)


  7. Wow! REALLY great buys! You've picked up some wonderful prints! I'd love to incorporate more prints into my outfits! Absolutely lovely!


  8. I'm DYING for those gold wedges! LOVELY!


  9. OMG Sadie! You got so much great stuff! I LOVE the wedges! Can't wait to see how you style all of these items :)


    Fashion Fractions

  10. ooh yay i remember you asking us about the watch!

    i love the dresses, i am exactly the feel you need to get you wear out of the summer stuff as it's only worn a few times each year!

    and WOWZA i love love love the shoes. they're amazing

  11. I love the dresses and the playsuit. Plus, the animal print top is so cute!

    This month, I've been pretty good at not buying anything (just thrifted items).

  12. Love this post...all of your outfits are so cute. I really like the jumpers and the patterns, that striped dress is fun too. AND it's so funny because I just bought that white Michael Kors watch, the exact one and I really like it. I've been seeing so many girls with white watches this summer too. I hope you have a great holiday. Cute post.


  13. love the dresses and cute shoes!!

  14. I love shopping before going anywhere even if I really don't need to! haha

  15. wow, those glitter wedges!! wooow!!! I want them!! and all those printed dresses are so lovely!!

  16. love the stripey dress and the plain blue one I would love to wear those hope you have fun you little jetsetter!
    XX Ilana

  17. "Sigh" I am jealous of all your shopping.. Seriously! Love it all.. Especially those shoes! I seriously can not wait to see you wearing all these goodies!

    Hugs! ~Angel

  18. so many great purchases love all of the clothing can't believe it was so cheap! and those shoes are amazing!

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