Tuesday, 2 August 2011

And....I'm back!!

Hi all, I have missed you ALL!!! I didn't get onto the internet other than ONCE when I was away, so as you can imagine I had severe withdrawal symptoms!!!

So after 9 days road-tripping in the South Island, I am back and shattered! And have work tomorrow!

We DID get our flights cancelled last Monday due to snow, so changed them and flew to a place called Nelson and hired another car to drive down to Christchurch where we picked up our original car. Busy times!!
This is the small plane that took us to Nelson - teeny weeny!!!

The green goddess we hired for the trip - crammed full of snowboards and suitcases!!
I drank WAY too many of these to keep warm (my excuse) so need to hit the gym tomorrow!
And survived some pretty freezing temperatures!

I will start uploading some proper pics of my trip tomorrow. Our friend from the Bahamas is still here, and is currently visiting an out of hours doctor with a really bad throat - cold weather eh!!
I was VERY excited to learn yesterday that I won Aprilia's giveaway!!!! I have a $75 voucher for Shopbop.com and think i will finally treat myself to a new watch for my collection!!
This is the first competition I have ever one so I am VERY PLEASED!! Thanks Aprilia!!
How have you all been???? Fill me in and spare no details!!!


  1. hi Sadie nice pics and congrats on the win! Wow NZ looks beautiful this time of year I am totally jealous about that gorgeous snow. Rest up dear
    XX Ilana

  2. Wahoooo!
    The photos look great, although I can't wait to see more!
    I really want to go to the snow - can you believe I have never skied before? Eeeek - next year for sure!
    Congrats again, lovely! Can't wait to see your new watch! :)



  3. Lucky you, i've been dying to go on a road trip but no time :(

  4. Welcome back Sadie! Looks like you had a fab time, can't wait to see more pics! Congrats too on your win xoxo

  5. I'm glad you had a good trip! I have finished my courses for the summer and am just enjoying August (althought it's been rainy and thundery and lighteningy). I look forward to your pictures!

    --Jaclyn T
    Come enter by giveaway for a handmade pouch @

  6. Welcome back!! it seems to be really cold out there!!
    Congrats on your win! I love shopbop and I am sure that you'll find the perfect watch!!!

  7. Geeez the South Island isnt that cold toughen up! :P hehe I was supposed to fly to Auckland but got delayed by snow it was crazy, we hardly ever get snow in Christchurch! Mother nature just doesnt like us :( Anywho hope you had a lovely time while you were in the south island, cant wait to see your pics :) Oh and congrats on the giveaway win! xx

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  9. congratulations, amazing pictures, sounds like a fun trip


  10. Wow it seems like it's seriously freezing there!

    But you gota nice outfit to warm up!

    Lovely post!




  11. YAY for being back! Can't wait to see all the photos :) And congrats on winning the giveaway :)


    Fashion Fractions

  12. great photos so glad your back! can't wait to see photos from your trip must have been amazing!


  13. Looks like it was amazing! I saw your pictures on twitter of when you went snowboarding and I must say I was jealous! I have only done that once and it was a lot of fun.. Even though I feel half of the time haha..


  14. Backstreets BAck b*tch*s! Yay! Lucky you! I checked out her ebay auctions as well she has some great stuff but its too much to ship it to me. booo!!!

  15. I would have flipped out on a plane like that...I hate flying!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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