Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What I Wore: In Auckland

Today I am very excited! My parcel from ASOS arrived!! I only ordered it a week ago, and with FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE, two Bank Holidays and a weekend, I am so impressed it is here already!

Here are my new babies items:

This is a new style for me. I needed shoes I can walk in for my trips to Sydney and Melbourne next month, so thought I would try these biker boots!

The weather is getting COLD here, so I look forward to wearing this faux fur soon!
And of course I had to treat myself to these babies!!!!!
Last night I tried another Katy Perry for OPI nail varnish - Teenage Dream. I bought it on my shopping spree in Auckland. Again, it's not my normal style (I think I got caught up in the shopping excitement!), but it's nice for a change and it's a pale, non-offensive colour!

OPI Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

I have a few more pics of my weekend in Auckland. I will keep it short!

Here's what I wore to dinner on Sunday - we went to an awesome Mexican cafe. It'd been a LONG day trekking around Waiheke Island, so we were both tired and I wanted to wear something comfy.

Blazer, Primark; Dress, Primark; Boots, Bronx; Socks, H&M.
Ring, Topshop
Of course the new Tiffany was worn!
Boring hair!
For dinner on Monday I had one of those 'moments'. It was pouring with rain outside and I couldn't decide what to wear... (Do you ever have moments like this!?)

First the hair was down. But I didn't like it.
Then it was in a side ponytail. Didn't like it either.
You can't really see here, but it ended in a messy side bun.
I put on my outfit, was ready to go - till I decided I didn't like the cardigan!
Harem trousers, TK Maxx; Shoes, Number 1 Shoes; Vest, H&M; Cardigan, TK Maxx.
Now I'm pretty sure I made the wrong choice when I swapped for my grey jacket! But at the time I gave up and went for comfort over style! 

Here are a few more Auckland pics!     
Arriving at Waiheke Island on the ferry
Waiheke Island

Isn't this just beautiful?! Coromandel

Pretty as a picture - Coromandel
Pirate golf while waiting to fly home

ALSO: I am posting two craft swaps today - so keep your eyes peeled AJ and Jaclyn! :)


  1. love your outfits, im in love with those new boots you bought! they're really nice :)

  2. Love all of your fun and creative! Yes, I do have stress over figuring out what to wear sometimes...hate it when it happens! :)
    XO Carrie

  3. Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us Sadie. I love your style and your new shoes are really sweet. I always have the "how do I wear my hair" days. Mostly I just end up with it in a ponytail or loose bun. Easy is my style. I look forward to my post. It is so exciting! I am sure I will LOVE it!
    :) AJ

  4. Gorgeous pictures from your trip!It seems like you had a great time!Love your new purchases!Perfect for the new season!xoxo

  5. Auckland looks beautiful! And your ASOS purchases look lovely :) I like the biker boots!

    I've seen the Teenage Dream nailpolish before, worn underneath some black crackle polish. I really liked it! It's definitely a polish I'd wear :)

  6. ooh love the shoes! and the nail varnish is really pretty.
    the striped red and white top is great too - i want it! and what colour are you wearing on your lips? and the rainbow... :-)

    too many nice things!!

  7. Love the nail varnish! Was thinking of trying it out for myself, and I can see here that it's a sure winner

  8. It is kind of stressful figuring out what to wear some times, but for the most part I think it is pretty fun!! One of my favorites parts of the day is choosing what I will wear!! I think your outfit looks wonderful!!


  9. I love those boots :) they're fab. and the nail varnish is gorgeous - where did you get it from?

  10. great photos love your outfits and i like the pale glittery color for your nails so pretty, great purchases my forever 21 package hasn't even been sent out to me and i ordered more shoes so i'm hoping i don't have to wait too long for both!

  11. Oh, how I love Asos :) It looks like you had some very exciting things in your parcel- can't wait to see you debut that fur! I can completely sympathise with your difficulty deciding what to wear. (I may have had a small meltdown last Saturday and changed clothes more than ten times. Not proud.) Every girl has those days, we just have to hope they don't happen too often :) Loving that coral and white striped cardi!

  12. Love those leaopard boots. Auckland looks like a lovely place.

    Thanks for your comment :).

    Helen, X

  13. oh i think everything you are wearing in this post looks fantastic. those leopard print heels are great hun!

  14. Your Topshop ring is so amazing, and I love how you described the evolution of your outfit - it works similar for me as well, always adding pieces and taking something away.


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