Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Going casual for a change

Hello everyone!! I am very excited because today is Thursday and that means it's my last day in work before the Easter holidays!! I get the Friday, Monday AND Tuesday off so 5 days in total - whoop. Also, the boyfriend is en-route home (he's currently on a lay-over in Abu Dhabi) and will be home tomorrow lunchtime!! HOORAH.

What are your plans for the Easter break?? I realised last night that this year will be the first year EVER that I only get one Easter egg!! Last year I was lucky enough to go back to Wales for Easter, and the year before I'd just left the UK to move to New Zealand and was actually in the Grand Canyon on Easter day - with the eggs my parents had given me before I left!

This weekend we fly to Auckland for a city break and then a possible road trip to some of the coastal areas I'm yet to see. I'm very excited but wonder how the boyfriend will cope with his jetlag!

Anyway I digress- last night I went to a pub quiz with friends. I wanted to wear something comfortable and casual so wore a long checked shirt, skinny jeans, boots, scarf and a leather jacket. I accessorised with some of my favourite silver jewellery and a fab bag!

Shirt, Primark; Jeans, hand me down from my sister!; boots, Bronx; Jacket, Just Jeans; Scarf, vintage from my mum; Bag, Max C at TK Maxx.

Bag, Max C at TK Maxx
My mum was throwing this scarf away a few years ago and I rescued it!

Look at the size of this bad boy!!

My Tiffany charm bracelet and a good luck / bon voyage bracelet I was given by a friend when I moved to NZ

I LOVE this ring! There's a story about it too - I was waiting for my friend in Wellington one rainy Saturday and popped into a store that sells NZ designer silver jewellery. I spotted the sales girl wearing an amazing ring and she said they had 2 for sale - at $450 NZD. I fell in love, but couldn't convince myself to spend that much on a whim!! I spent ALL weekend dreaming about the ring! Then on the Monday I was in town again after work by chance and went into the shop again. There was a 50% off EVERYTHING sale on for ONE DAY ONLY! They had never had a sale like it! I snapped the ring up with no second thoughts, and truly counted my blessings!!!! I'd been having a really really bad day - and finally my luck changed!

My Tiffany bracelet with charms. I bought the Fifth Ave and Rodeo Drive charms on holidays in New York and LA; the cupcake charm was a gift from my amaaaazing friends at the job I left to move to NZ and the little crown I bought with the money my late nan gave me just before she passed away :)

Bling bling :)

On another note: The lovely Kimberly from City Style has given me an award!! Yay!! Thanks so much Kimberly :D
I love all the blogging friends I have made since starting my blog just over a month ago - thanks everyone!! I really enjoy reading and sharing everyones' blogs.

The rules are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Write a post about it.
3. Pass it on to 12 blogs that you think really deserve it.
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I am very pleased to pass it on to these lovely people:

Congrats everyone :D


  1. super adorable charm bracelet. then again, i like anything from tiffany. there's something about the blue box that makes me smile. :)

    would love to have you as a follower!


  2. Wow amazing scarf, and the purse is so lovely!

  3. I LOVE the ring. It is a real statement peice. I hope that you have a WONDERFUL long Easter weekend. Thank you for the award.

  4. :) thank you for the lovely award :)

  5. What a beautiful award! Thanks What Sadie Did :D Fabulous scarf, by the way!

  6. wonderful outfit!! i love your scarf and jacket <3 and cute photos, you have such a lovely smile!!

  7. love the ring so so much!! how much is $450 in Uk £s? it's so lovely! I also am in love with your scarf. i have the exact same charm braclet as you too, but not the same charms. in fact i don't have many charms yet as i only got it for christmas last year.
    hope it's not too weird for you not being home for easter; I am sure you will make up for it by having an amazing long weekend in auckland.
    and thanks for the award :-)

  8. I am loving that scarf!

    Just found your blog, LOVE IT!

    Monique xx

  9. Great accessories!
    Thank you so much for the award!

  10. Gorgeous outfit, honey!Love the accessories!xoxo

  11. cute accessories. check shirt and leather jacket together reminds me the old school days, really nice outfit :)

  12. Congrats on your award, and I'm loving the boots!
    xo Cara

  13. you really deserve it! love your blog! and love the outfit so cute and casual the scarf is great and love the accessories!

    giveaway on my blog!

  14. HOLY EFF. That ring is ginormous!!!!!!! I love the obnoxiousness. I'm sure it gets you a lot of attention.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. love the plaid top! I would never have thought to throw a bold print scarf with it, thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I love the bright colors of this outfit. I love the scarf in particular! Great rescue :)

    Your charm bracelet is also so sweet. The street sign charms are so cute! And yay for the award!

    Have a very happy Easter holiday! <3

  17. Love the charm bracelet! I love unique jewellery like this!


  18. Fun look! I like your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

  19. It is a good thing that you rescued that scarf. It is very pretty. Maybe we can follow each other?

  20. Cute blog! Loved it!
    I am already a follower, can you follow me too, please??
    Follow the twitter @blogspm too, please?
    Kisses and regards!!
    Alice Dias

  21. LOVE the scarf and cool jewelry. thank you so much for passing this award on to me luv!

  22. Beutiful scarf and bag!

  23. What a gorgeous scarf! Good for you for salvaging it, it's such a versatile piece and yet it looks like it was made to go with your checked shirt because the colour combination is so perfect :) Thank-you so much for the award, sweetie, I really appreciate all of the support you've shown for my blog. Much love.

  24. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I love the deep crimson color and the retro-colored blue and mustard details- it's so pretty! Your super-sized ring is also very cool- I love when rings stretch the span of multiple fingers ^-^

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!! xx

  25. It got strong winds here and the large hail. right now storms and tarnados are really slamming Tx. Iv been watching the news.So far it is clear here in North Tx where I am..


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