Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What Sadie Did This Week

Like I did last week, I'm going to share the things I did this week that are PERHAPS of mild interest to anyone other than myself!

Chunky jewellery galore!
 2. On Wednesday I went to 'Chicks at the Flicks' with two of my besties. We saw a preview of the new Jennifer Aniston film, 'Just Go With It', and for the ticket price had a 'VIP' experience with a glass of bubbles, comfy chair and a GOODIE BAG! We were all really excited to see what was in the goodie bag because it was advertised as being worth $100. Well. We were left disappointed! 
These were our 'goodies'!!
There wasn't a scrap of makeup, chocolate or fun in sight! We had a food magazine, 'older ladies' magazine, ice tea, muesli (!!), porridge (!!!), pain killers (!!!!) and cracked heel foot cream sample. I can't even be bothered to list the rest as just looking at this bag of rubbish has sent me to sleep!
3. I realised I am a sucker. I was sent a voucher for 20% off shoes, and went straight to the shop after work yesterday. Their marketing plan sure worked on me and I came home with these babies:
I've been loving similar styles to this for a while, and so thought I would splash out seeing as they were 20% off! I'm planning on wearing them to dinner tonight so will try and get a pic of them 'on' later!

4. I braved the dentist and had a filling. I've had pain in the tooth on and off for a while but as it kept coming and going and i'm a wuss, I never did anything about it. Well last week it was unbearable so I made an appointment and went and had my filling. The dentist was shocked at how long i'd lasted without getting it fixed, as the previous filling had fallen out! So the moral of the story is - get your teeth seen to! As my lovely nan told me last week, they've got to last you a long time!

6. The boyfriend and I spent a great weekend in Taupo and visited the active volcanic areas, ate out and got some lovely exercise in the 'fresh' air. 

This week wasn't as exciting as last week so I am going to end here! I have a busy weekend planned so will have more excitement coming up. Tonight I am going to Logan Brown for my friend's graduation dinner (it seems like forever since I graduated back in 2005!). LB is a fancy-pants restaurant in Wellington so I'm looking forward to a nice meal, cocktail (of course!) and rocking the new shoes!

And tomorrow a group of us are going on a mini road trip to Castlepoint as a farewell weekend for our good friend who is moving to Sydney. Good times!

What did you do this week?? :)

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