Monday, 4 April 2011

Loose layers

My normal style usually revolves around dresses, tunics or skirts. I don't wear trousers and tops that often and so I decided to go for a change this week. I guess these aren't 'proper' trousers being harem pants, but it's a start!

Butterfly top, Glassons; Vest (just visible), Primark; Harem pants, Matalan; Jacket, Primark; Bag, TK Maxx; Wedges, Bought in Miami.
One of my sisters brought this ring back from Indonesia for me, it's made out of one piece of shell! I love it, but it's super delicate so I don't wear it often as I'm scared of breaking it.
I also love the trend for mini pocket watch necklaces...this one was a birthday gift from my lovely girlfriends here in NZ :)
 What a beautiful evening - won't be many more of those now that daylight savings has ended!


  1. cute outfit looks great and comfortable!

  2. cute outfit!


  3. Beautiful outfit.. very laid back, love the top & colors, cute ring : D

  4. I know what you mean about not wearing trousers and tops ha. The harems are a welcome addition aren't they. NZ looks gorgeous, I've always wanted to go.
    Thankyou for following, following you too xx

  5. Just found you on IFB - love the blog and especially the title! Just a quick hello from one Sadie to another.

    Am interested to read more so will be following - please come by and say hi...


  6. what a lovely butterfly top. and yes, it does look like a beautiful evening indeed. your sunnies are really pretty too.

  7. wow, I REALLY like this entire outfit. I don't think i could pull off the short Harem pant, but shoot - you look so great in them, you've almost convinced me. I also love the print on your top! Fabulous all around

    following :)
    xoxo KellyAnn


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