Monday, 18 April 2011

Short and Sweet: Pimp My Ride

I'm not feeling very well today so am going to keep my post short and sweet. One thing I am going to share with you is this...

I have two sisters, and my youngest sister Alice has a boyfriend called Ed. He's just had his car pimped on Pimp My Ride! It was for the launch of the new VW Beetle, and MTV pimped his kronked out Beetle as part of the promotion!

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When I went back to Wales in Jan / Feb this year, Ed had been contacted and he and Alice had to go down to London where he MAY have been chosen for the show. It was all very exciting and we couldn't wait to hear if he'd been picked. He was! They took the car to Berlin and did their thang!
Ed and Alice :)
Both Alice and Ed were flying to Berlin yesterday for the MTV World Stage launch party. BUT poor Alice got food poisoning the night before they were due to leave at 6am so COULDN'T GO :( I spoke to her and she was devastated. I am devastated FOR her :( But I told her there's nothing worse than being ill away from home.

So that's all! Hopefully I will be back to my perky self tomorrow to share the pics of the pink blazer combo I wore yesterday! :D


  1. hope you feel a lot better! it's too bad for your sister getting food poising i hope she's better now!

    giveaway on my blog!

  2. wow that's so exciting! but so sad for your sister, she must be gutted. you're right though, there is nothing worse than being ill away from home.

    in reply to your comments on my blog: yes i made the ring, it was really easy just out of bits of felt, and you should totally do a 28 before 29 list! I really want a colonic irrigation in a very weird way, it kind of makes me feel i will be spring cleaning my body!
    ps your sister is beautiful!

  3. This is exciting---the MTV thing, not you and your sister being sick. I hope you two feel better soon!

  4. Awww hope you both feel better.
    It didn't let me watch the video. I really wanted to.

  5. Oh my! The car really has seen better days. And the pimping they have done was cool. But I wonder what extra functions they installed in the car, since this is pimp my ride we're talking about, right?


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