Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Completed Craft Swap

I mentioned previously that I'd joined an online craft community called Craftster - then Renee commented on one of my posts to let me know about the wonderful world of Cut Out and Keep! 

I joined Cut Out and Keep and find it a much nicer site to use than Craftster (it's a lot more modern, easier to navigate and generally prettier!). 

Through Cut Out and Keep (how many times have I typed this in the last few lines - will now call it COAK) I met a lovely girl called Pam who lives in Hawaii and we agreed that she would 'vet' me for the site. This means that she completes a swap with me and verifies that I did actually swap!
The package I sent to Pam
We agreed on a personalised swap with a slight Alice in Wonderland theme...and I posted it out to her this week. Can't wait to hear her comments, and also can't wait to receive her package!
This is what I sent her:

Felt cupcake brooch and hangers
Some New Zealand novelty goodies!
A personalised pin cushion
A personalised button bangle with sea charms
A personalised button bangle with sea charms
The whole stash!
I hope she likes the packaging!
I wrote quotes from Alice in Wonderland on a piece of note paper and wrapped one of her gifts in it. I like it!

It should take a week or so for it to arrive in Hawaii, so watch this space soon for her reaction! :)

Have any of you completed a swap?


  1. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute :)
    Glad you liked the site over there :)

  2. Looks really cute - I like your little cupcakes!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog! this craft swap thing sounds amazing! and I would definitely be happy if I was your recipient in Hawaii! I hope she appreciates all the small touches like the quotes on the wrapping paper - how cool! I did a giveaway on my cupcake blog and went to town with all cupcake themed wrap and stickers on the parcel etc.. and I never even got a thank you for the recipient! Hope you're enjoying your time in Oz! I've just got home from some time working in the Caribbean and it feels really nice to be back in England!

  4. how adorable are those items!!! gahhh i loooove the cupcakes and that bangle is absolutely marvy!!

    great idea! i'm gonna follow, hun :)


  5. I just stimbled across your blog. I LOVE the Alice themed items... of couse I love anything Alice. So wonderful I am sure she will be thrilled with her package!

  6. this is so wonderful sadie. literally makes me really excited. i want to go and join the community now. did pam let you know what she thought of your stuff??

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Rosieposie - Pam still hasn't received my stuff as far as I know, can't believe it's taking so much longer than hers did! :(
    You should def join in with swaps, they're a lot of fun. It's so nice making things for people and receiving a little package in return!! :)


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