Tuesday, 5 April 2011

To post or not to post....

Yesterday I wore (what I considered) a pretty awesome dress to work. The only problem with this awesome dress was that my day was not quite so awesome. It involved going to the dentist for a "very deep" filling, after which I was going straight home to put my joggers on and get into bed to recover from the trauma! (Yes I am a wimp!!)

And so I had the dilemma of whether to waste my awesome dress (as the boyfriend would be home too late to take the usual balcony shots) or to attempt to take the pics myself with a self-timer (I've never tried this lark before). 

Whilst still mulling over this quandry, I stepped into the bathroom at the dentist. And saw a WALL LENGTH MIRROR. Yes it was grubby and a bit dodge taking pics of MYSELF in a bathroom. But it seemed like the best option being pre-filling and all.

So I took them anyway. And couldn't decide whether they were too grotty to post. But the awesome dress spoke to me and said 'please don't waste me'

So here it is. 
Excuse the pics ;)
You have gotta laugh at my face in this!!
Dress, Primark; Belt, Primark; Shoe boots, Matalan; Watch, Guess.

I particularly love the scum on the mirror as seen in this shot! So glamorous!

Get ready for the close up!
Ring shot!
Ring, Topshop
And here's my 'flasher mac' as the boyfriend describes it. My Mum bought me it a couple of years ago and it's shiny plastic - great for the drizzle rain we had yesterday!
Raincoat, Primark.
What you can't see in these pics is the platform sole on the shoe boots. The boots are black and the platform is grey / black snakeprint. Pretty funky!

Hopefully next time I'll be posting an equally awesome outfit but in a much nicer location! :)

Do any of you have any tips for taking pics of your outfits by yourself!?


  1. The dress looks fabulous despite the less that fabulous conditions for photography:(

  2. love the dress looks great on you! at least we got to see it!


  3. Love your bright nails with the blue dress!
    xo Cara

  4. That outfit is stunning! Woah, especially that coat (:


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